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Building Inspections from $280.
Infrared camera and moisture meter checks INCLUDED!

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  • Any major defects structural damage
  • Minor defects and items requiring maintenance
  • Hidden defects or ‘cover-ups’ such as re-pointed roofs or re-patched brickwork to hide structural failure
  • ‘DIY’ jobs that have resulted in a reduction of structural integrity
  • Water ingress causing hazardous timber rotting and at roof and floor levels
  • Building footing failure due to inadequate site drainage

About Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders
0412 515 498

  • Registered builder DBU-37118
  • Associate diploma in building construction
  • Registered Pest Inspector
  • Qualified carpenter
  • Master builders member
  • Over 25 years in the industry

Pre-Purchase / Pre-Auction Inspections

Get the real story about your potential investment. Be sure – to be sure.

Building / Vendor Inspections

The combination of quicker selling times and increased sale prices, it’s hard to argue against the logic of having a pre-sale / vendor inspection carried out.

Building & Pest Inspections

“The most efficient way to provide full insight into a property. Building Inspections and Pest Inspections give you the full picture.”

Pest Inspections

Left untreated termites can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. And guess what else? Your home insurance most likely doesn’t cover those repairs!

Building Inspections

Within 24 hrs our building inspectors will produce your detailed and easy to follow report to provide you with the knowledge to answer a resounding ‘YES!’ to the question above.

We undertake building inspections Melbourne-wide for you. We will give you the certainty about the house condition you need to make your most informed decision. Your building inspections are undertaken by experienced registered builders and pest inspectors who will be your personal building inspector and advisor. Your premium building inspector is qualified and competent in the thorough assessment of your important potential investment.

Premium Pre-purchase Inspections reports will highlight areas of concern when in our opinion the building does not conform to the relevant building regulations, codes and standards. As experienced building practitioners, we are the experts when it comes to finding building practices that cause unsafe conditions to the structure of your house, or health hazards to which your family could potentially be exposed.

Defects that are not easily detected and when left untreated, have the potential to cause illness and further damage in addition to becoming a greater financial expense over time. In all our building inspections in Melbourne we understand that you need fast, reliable and accurate information about the property.

Our building inspectors in Melbourne understand what goes into building a house and have the training and expertise to determine and investigate sections of any building that are prone to structural damage.


“Thanks to Michael we avoided buying a money pit that would’ve cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars we don’t have!”

SallyMalvern East

“Michael ended up doing three inspections for us. It was so worthwhile, because we know that the house we’re in was a good investment.”


“We were nervous about buying a house with problems we couldn’t see for ourselves. Michael from PPI gave us a thorough and accurate report which put our minds at ease and gave us some bargaining power at sale time.”

DamonDingley Village

“Michael inspected my home pre purchase, he was efficient, thorough and I trusted his opinions. It was incredibly helpful to know the property was pest and asbestos free and on solid foundations.”

Paulo ReidStKilda

“Your efficiency and detailed report were valuable in assessing the condition of the property. I was able to make a positive purchase confidently knowing the the house needed some minor repairs and not too major works. ”

Louise SSurrey Hills

Ask yourself this… Do I know enough about the real condition of the house I’m about to buy?’

Our Investigation Will Answer…


What the problem area or defect is during our our building inspection process.


Where the problem or defect is located within your building.


How the defect will affect the house if is not repaired, and any potential consequences.


Why the problem or defect was highlighted, and its importance to your health, safety and finance.

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