Vendor Pre-Purchase Inspections

‘When you arrange a pre-sale/vendor inspection prior to listing your property, you are taking a pro-active step that will be one less barrier to the quick and hassle free sale of your home.’

Vendor building inspections of your property are a critical first step in the process of putting your home on the market for a clean sale. When you receive your comprehensive and easy to follow report from our building inspector, you will know you’ve gone down the right track. You can get to market with the confidence that your property has no issues, and that any problems have already been addressed – at your timing and on your terms.

Optimize your selling price

The first step to optimizing your selling price is to call us. Your building inspection Melbourne wide report will highlight any issues, and you can then carry out the repairs. The costs can be built into the asking price, or even set a higher price, knowing that the buyer is getting a property without any major issues.

Don’t hold up a potential sale

When you receive our professional, independent inspection report from Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, any problems can be rectified before you go on the market rather than hold up a potential sale. Our building inspections reports deliver you a detailed and informative building inspection summary. This gives you the capability to sort out all issues prior to listing, and help streamline the process. After all, closing a deal quickly and with the least strings attached is a major goal for every house seller.

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Like any of us, the buyer of your house wants to know what they are getting for their hard earned money. When you show a potential buyer an expert, independent and unbiased report, it speaks to the buyer that they can expect fairness and honesty in your dealings. It gives them peace of mind that there is nothing to hide, that they can do the deal with confidence.

They are not just taking your word for it, our years of knowledge and experience and independence shows you are serious about selling.

It just makes sense…

The combination of quicker selling times and increased sale prices, it’s hard to argue against the logic of having a pre-sale / vendor inspection carried out.

We understand what potential buyers are looking out for, and the types of issues they are worried about.

So make the smart decision and act now to get the expert knowledge in your hands. It costs money to keep a house on the market so taking this all-important first step is a proactive way to tell the market your house is compliant with all relevant codes and ready to sell.

We appreciate you don’t always have the time yourself to assess each property and we have the right knowledge and experience to know what we are looking for so leave it to us to make sure your investment is safely being looked after.

Our Rental Inspections include:

  •   Cleanliness of each room
  •   Carpets
  •   Ceilings
  •   Woodwork
  •   Units
  •   Showers, baths, toilets
  •   Heating
  •   Electric and gas
  •   Existing appliances
  •   Building structures