What Does A Building Inspection in Melbourne Include

Building Inspection in Melbourne

A Building Inspection – What does it Include?

Congratulations! You’re probably thinking about buying a house, and you’ve heard about the importance of building inspections. Or maybe you’re just doing a bit of research on the checklist of ‘things to do before buying a home’. But what do they actually include? Well, good question. Here at Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, we are the first point of call for Melbourne building inspections, so you’ve come to the right place to work out what they are all about.

We’ll Arrange It

When you are serious about a property, you’ll need to find out what its true condition is. However, taking the word of the real estate agent’s report is risky business. By booking an inspection with us, we will arrange a time to attend the property. You’re welcome to make it along. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible.

The Inspection

We pride ourselves on our ability to carry out the thorough of Melbourne’s building inspections. Licensed in construction, we are familiar with a plethora of building styles, which—along with their characteristics—bring different types of faults. Our inspector will attend the home and inspect a number of different areas of the home. In particular, these are:

  •      The interior of the building
  •      The roof void
  •      The roof exterior
  •      The building’s exterior
  •      The sub-floor space
  •      The property within 30m of the building

Throughout the inspection, we will check for more defects than you can possibly imagine. However, the most common ones we see are general ageing, safety concerns, weatherproofing, structural integrity, rust, moisture damage, and drainage issues. We will also photograph what we find in order to provide you with a report.

The Report

After checking each area, the next vital step is providing you with a detailed and concise report of our findings. We will summarise all the defects found throughout the Melbourne property, but we will also categorise them as ‘minor’ or ‘major’. The report will be clearly divided by the area inspected, which will help you navigate through the report (they are roughly 100 pages long).

The most imperative aspect of our report is the recommendations. We will advise you of the nature of the defect, but also what type of specialised tradesman can help you further.

What Next?

After gaining all of this information, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it all. However, the advantage of having a Melbourne building inspection carried out is quite clear. Once you know all about the home’s defects you could:

  1. Seek advice on the repairs by speaking to a tradesman qualified to fix it.
  2. Budget for the future by knowing what it might cost to have the repairs carried out.
  3. Negotiate a better price if it is a private sale. Knowing the defects could be a powerful bargaining tool.
  4. Avoid the sale altogether if you think that the asking price isn’t reflective of the problems. Or if spending time getting them fixed is too much of a hassle.

Contact The Professionals

There is no substitute for peace of mind when buying a home; it is vital that you act with due diligence before committing to such an investment. Premium Pre-Purchase inspections will help you with your every need for Melbourne building inspections. Call us on 0412 515 498 or book online today.


When To Organise A Building Inspection in Melbourne

Building Inspection in Melbourne

When do I Organise A Building Inspection in Melbourne?

If you’re in the process of buying a property for the first time, you might be seeking clarification on what a building inspection in Melbourne consists of and when it might be needed. Alternatively, you might have had a nasty experience with a previous sale and you’d like to err on the side of caution. Whatever the reason, building inspections are a truly imperative aspect of buying a house.

So What Is It?

If you are thinking about a building inspection, be sure to employ the services of a construction industry expert that is familiar with plenty of different carpentry styles. They will attend the property that you are thinking of buying and check it for all different kinds of defects—both large and small. The in-depth report will provide you with a rundown of what has been found, which helps you in a number of ways:

  1. Seek advice on repairs. This is a critical aspect of having a building inspection. Once you know what the problems are, you can establish how serious the problems are by speaking to specialised tradesmen.
  2. Budget. If you know how much the repairs might cost, it could be the difference in how high your offer goes.
  3. Negotiate. If the defects are significant enough, they can provide you with critical bargaining power in the event of a private sale. If going to auction, it might mean setting yourself a lower limit if you know the property value is affected.

When Should I Book A Building Inspection?

Not all sales processes are the same. Some are private, and some are by auction. However, building inspections should always be undertaken before you agree to a sale. Once you have committed, there is little-to-no recourse—even if the house is full of problems. A building inspection for your Melbourne property will ensure that you are best prepared for going to the market.  

Pre-purchase Building Inspection

In this instance, we will contact the vendor and book in a time to attend the property before you make an offer. Once you know what the problems are, you might like to alter your offer, negotiate a better one, or avoid making one entirely.

Pre-Auction Building Inspection

Auctions are exciting, but they are also legally binding! Once that hammer comes down there is no going back; you are committed to the sale. A building inspection prior to an auction will give you a wealth of knowledge about what you are bidding for. By understanding the defects of the Melbourne home, you can go in with a much cooler head—especially because you will have a greater knowledge of what the house is really worth.

Independent Is Key!

Some real estate agents can offer building inspection reports free of charge, but these are not always reliable. They might be missing critical information to help push the sale. Booking with an independent inspector such as Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections in Melbourne will ensure a meticulous approach where nothing is left out. We are undoubtedly the best option for your Melbourne building inspection. Call us on 0412 515 598 for a quote, or book online today.


Building Inspections in Carnegie

Carnegie Building inspection

Carnegie Building Inspections

Such is the sheer size of Melbourne that it’s difficult to know where to start looking for a new home. You might be searching for something perfect for a student, or perhaps you are settling down with a family. In Carnegie, there is truly something for everyone.

The suburb is located only 12km from Melbourne’s CBD and has a great blend of houses, units and apartments all varying in size. From the perspective of a potential buyer, Carnegie could be an excellent option due to the variety on offer. However, given the high demand for real estate in Melbourne, it is critical to know that you are getting what you pay for. Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections offer a service that checks the property for defects, damage and non-compliance so that you can negotiate a better price, or take it into consideration when going to auction.

The Cover-Ups

When a house is being prepared for sale, it is common for the owner to have repair work carried out in an attempt for it to appear aesthetically pleasing. It could be anything from filling the cracks in the walls, new grout in the bathroom, or even just a fresh coat of paint here and there. From the naked eye, nothing would look out of place. However, when this occurs, it can give a misleading understanding of the quality of the home.  Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections will point out instances where this has occurred, and provide you with clarity on what the bigger issues may have been. Quite often, smaller defects can be a sign of more serious problems to come.

Why Carnegie?

Residing here is all about living a classic Melbourne life. Carnegie is close to everything you need — great food, incredible shops and situated within reasonable distance to the CBD.  For anyone looking to make the commute to work in the morning, you could either catch the train on the Cranbourne or Pakenham line that would take only 25 minutes. If you are brave enough to tackle the traffic, the trip will take you between 30-40 minutes. Aren’t we lucky to have such great public transport?

Food Galore!

A major drawcard of Carnegie is its proximity to a huge amount of delicious food. Such is the multiculturalism of Melbourne that you will never struggle for choices. Whether it is for fine dining, or grabbing takeaway on a Friday night in, Carnegie has you covered. Head along to Koornang Road, but be prepared to be overwhelmed with options.

Incredible Shopping

I’m not sure if the novelty of visiting Chadstone Shopping Centre will ever get old. The shopping centre is the biggest in Australia and, considering Melbourne is the best city in Australia, the title of ‘The Fashion Capital’ is quite apt. A plethora of shops, a group of cinemas, great eateries, and even a carwash—Chadstone is something special. With over 500 stores and an annual patronage of 20 million, you can be sure that it will bring a unique experience.

Contact Us

If you are considering buying or selling in Carnegie and you would like a detailed understanding of the property’s condition, request a quote with Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections today.


Building Inspections in Bayside

Bayside building inspections

Bayside Building Inspections

How good is this? Our incredible city of Melbourne just cannot stop being voted the world’s most livable. According to the index, we are on top in terms of culture, environment and stability, which means we are some of the luckiest people on the planet.  Of course, this is no surprise to the people that live here. The magic of Melbourne really comes from the variety on offer from the many different areas; such is the beauty of Bayside.

Not only is The City of Bayside picturesque in its beachside surroundings, but it is also home to some of the city’s most beautiful properties. If you are considering buying a home in Bayside, it is natural to have some trepidation towards the value of your investment. By booking a pre-purchase building inspection, you can safeguard yourself by knowing what defects a home might be hiding before you sign on the bottom line. This could save you thousands in repairs down the track, allow you to negotiate a better price at the time of sale, or just point out the nitty-gritty problems that you might need to work on.


More commonly known as salt residue, mineral efflorescence is when the salt in masonry is released after coming into contact with moisture. The salt deposits build up on the surface, leaving patches of white that detract from the original décor.  This can leave an ugly look on the home, and be a frustrating cleanup job. The team at Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections utilise their building experience and knowledge of building materials to identify what the cause is and what you will need to do. Where’s there’s salt residue, there’s moisture, and where there’s moisture there could be an indication of greater problems such as leaks or pests.


Moisture can find its way into a house in a number of ways, whether it is because of poor weatherproofing, leaky pipes, or even faulty air-conditioning units. When this happens, it can seep into the timber within the walls, roof void or even subfloors. And guess what? Moist timber is essentially a smorgasbord for termites. Once they find their way in, they will munch away for as long as their little hearts desire, leaving a damage bill and a giant headache for the owner. No one wants to buy a home, only to discover that these critters have been indirectly chewing away at your bank account. This is where Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections can help.  

You can combine your building inspection with a pest inspection to have your home checked for the presence of wood borers and termites, or any signs that they’ve been there before. Similarly, we will identify conditions that are conducive to them coming along, such as the build-up of moisture in non-visible parts of the home, or firewood and bark situated too close to the house exterior. Our Building inspections are conducted in compliance with Australian standard.

Why Bayside?

If you are looking to buy a home around Melbourne, you will likely be weighing up the pros and cons of certain areas. For Bayside, there’s not much other than the good stuff. The area is a collection of suburbs including Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Cheltenham, Hampton, Highett and Sandringham, meaning Bayside is home to over 100,000 people. They are drawn here for a variety of reasons, but who can go past the fact that it is right on the coast?

The Beaches

As Australians, many of us have a deep fascination and love for the water. This could be due to the fact we live on the world’s largest island, with many of us having great memories of days filled with waves and white sand. On a warm summer’s day, there’s not much better than hanging with friends or family and cooling off with a dip in the ocean.

A highlight of Bayside is Dendy Street Beach in Brighton—one of the most vibrant in the world. What makes this beach so fantastic and unique is the eighty-two colourful bathing boxes painted a variety of ways and lined up in uniformity. They are a time-slice of Victorian times, being present since 1862.  Although owned and used privately, the beach boxes remain a major tourist attraction of the area and an iconic aspect of Bayside.

Leisure, Fun & A Happy Tummy

In addition to the coast, Bayside brings incredible options to its residents. Whether it’s eating delicious food, drinking great wine, exercising in the many open parks, or taking the kids out for the day, there’s something for everyone. There are plenty of restaurants, farmers market and beach-side events that translate to an outgoing social life, regardless of if you are a young adult or looking to take the family out for the day.

If you are inclined to keep fit, and are looking to get some kilometres in the legs, you might like to check out the bike and running track along the foreshore. At 13km in length from St Kilda to Half Moon Bay it can accommodate beginners or more intermediate fitness levels. If you feel like a leisurely stroll, it is also worthwhile heading down to the sand to watch the sunset over Port Phillip Bay.

A Great Balance

Part of Bayside’s drawcard is the lifestyle that its residents can enjoy while being situated in proximity to the Melbourne CBD. Not only can you immerse yourself in a unique community to escape the hustle and bustle, but you can easily make your way into Melbourne city to shop, work, catch a game at the G, or for a night out to let the hair down. A trip in the car will take only half an hour, but the train is just as easy, with the Sandringham line providing a direct route to and from Flinders Street Station.

In addition to the geographical benefits, The City of Bayside may also appeal to you if you are looking to raise a family. The area is home to some of Melbourne’s most respected schools and is considered a safe and stable part of the city.

If you are getting serious about buying a home in Bayside, request a quote from Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections today. A building inspection can provide you peace of mind for your investment.


Why get a building inspection?

The property you’re looking to buy could look fine on the surface, but have a long list of defects and issues that you can’t see. Defects and issues that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

So it makes sense to get a house inspection and building report before you buy.

Purchasing a home or investment property is one of the biggest purchases you ever make. So when you’re looking to buy a property, you want to make sure that it is a good investment and won’t turn out to be a money pit. And, that is why it is smart to get a building inspection and a pest inspection done by a reputable building inspector.

When you get a building inspection, you:


Know what you’re buying before you buy

While the property that you’re looking at could look fine on the surface, it could have a long list of defects, structural issues or pests that you can’t see. And these building and pest issues could cost you big bucks to fix. If you get a house inspection done first, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying, before you even put in an offer or make a bid. And when you’re armed with this information, you can make a sound decision about whether or not it is a good buy or a bad buy. And, if there are issues, you can use the report to help you negotiate a lower purchase price.

A good building or home inspection and report will tell you:

  • if there are any major defects or structural problems.
  • if there has been dodgy building work or issues covered up.
  • if there are leaks or waterproofing issues.
  • if there are any signs of termites, mould or fungus’.
  • what the minor defects are and what your ongoing maintenance costs will be.
  • what it will cost you to get the property up to scratch.

Can negotiate a lower price

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to buying property is definitely is. If the property you are looking to buy does have issues, a home inspection and building report will tell you exactly what the issues are. Many purchasers then use the building report they have gotten to negotiate a lower purchase price with the seller. Because a good house inspection and building report will tell you what each issue or defect is likely to cost to fix, you are in a strong position to negotiate a lower purchase price based on these costs.


Get the opinion of an expert

When you have a home inspection and building report done, you get the opportunity to talk directly with the building inspector and have your questions about the property answered by someone who knows what they are talking about. They should also be able to connect you with other experts who can help you work through any issues the building has. This could be a plumber or electrician, builder, structural engineer, property surveyor, landscaper, or anyone else you need help from.


It’s a smart investment that could save you time and stress

While a pre-purchase home inspection will cost you a little bit of money, in the scheme of things it is nothing compared to the amount of money it could save you in the long run. Getting a pre-purchase house inspection can also save you the time and stress that comes along with buying a house that has a host of hidden defects, shoddy work, structural issues or pests.


Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne

As a registered Master Builder and Pest Inspector, with more than 30 years real building experience, Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne, are a great choice for your pre-purchase home inspection.

Our extensive industry experience means we’ve seen it all before – the dodgy cover-ups, shoddy work and of course the structural issues and problems that develop overtime. So you can be confident that we will pick up any issues with the property you’re looking at. And, unlike many other building inspectors and pre-purchase house inspection companies, we go below the surface to thoroughly check everything. We get under the floor, we get up in the roof, we use infrared cameras and moisture meters, and thoroughly inspect every aspect of a building. So you know exactly what the issues and problems are and what it will cost to fix them.

Our house inspections and Building Report’s are designed to make it easy for you to understand what’s going on with the property and include clear photos and assessments on the properties:

  • roof – exterior and interior
  • building – exterior and interior
  • sub-floor structure
  • decks and verandas
  • fences
  • flooring
  • stairs
  • windows
  • carport and garage
  • plumbing
  • structural soundness.

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Who can do a building report?

Building Inspection in Melbourne

Here in Melbourne there are no regulations as to who can and can’t perform a building inspection and provide you with a report.

Pretty much anyone can call themselves a Building Inspector, regardless of whether or not they have any experience, qualifications or training in the building industry or property inspections.


What to look for when choosing someone to do a building report

If you’re looking to get a building inspection, you probably want it to decide whether or not the property you are looking at buying is a good investment. So you want to make sure that the person or business that you go with is reputable and going to do a thorough inspection and that you can rely on the report that they provide.

Here is a list of the key things that you should look for when choosing a Building Inspector:



While pretty much anyone can do a building report, you want to make sure that the person you choose has the experience, expertise and qualifications to do it. Ideally they should:

  • be a Registered Builder
  • have building qualifications
  • be a registered Pest Inspector
  • have extensive experience in the building industry.


What they look at

Different inspectors have different processes in place. When you are getting a building report, you want to make sure that it is thorough and that you can rely on the information in the building report. A good inspector will do more than just walk through the property. They will get up on the roof, in the roof and under the floor to thoroughly inspect the property for defects, structural issues and any signs of pest activity. They should also use specialist equipment, including moisture meters, infrared cameras and tools to check wood for the presence of termites.



Make sure you ask the building inspector about what sort of insurance cover they have in place. You want to make sure that they will be covered if something gets damaged or broken as part of the inspection. They should as a minimum have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place. If a building inspector doesn’t have any insurance in place, find someone else.


How quickly they can do the building report

If you want a building report done on a property that you are looking to buy, you probably need the report in your hands as soon as possible. So when you’re looking for someone to do your building report ask them how soon they can come and inspect the property and how quickly they can provide the report. Most reputable building inspectors will be able to inspect the property within 24 hours and provide the report within a day. If an inspector you are talking to can’t do this it may be a sign that you should talk to someone else.


Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne

As a registered Master Builder and Pest Inspector, with more than 30 years real building experience, Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne, is a great choice if you are looking for a building inspection and report.

Our extensive industry experience means we’ve seen it all before – the dodgy cover-ups, shoddy work and of course the structural issues and problems that develop overtime. So you can be confident that we will pick up any issues with the property you’re looking at. And, unlike many other building inspectors, we go below the surface to thoroughly check everything. We get under the floor, we get up in the roof, we use infrared cameras and moisture meters, and thoroughly inspect every aspect of a building. So you know exactly what the issues and problems are and what it will cost to fix them.

Our Building Report’s are designed to make it easy for you to understand what’s going on with the property and include clear photos and assessments on the properties:

  • roof – exterior and interior
  • building – exterior and interior
  • sub-floor structure
  • decks and verandas
  • fences
  • flooring
  • stairs
  • windows
  • carport and garage
  • plumbing
  • structural soundness.

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