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If you are in need of reliable and experienced property inspection services by the best building inspectors in Melbourne that you can trust to carry out the most thorough and professional service, you need to contact Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections today.

We will offer you a free quote on all our services whether it be a pre-purchase, rental or new construction inspection and give friendly advice on defects we find thanks to our specialist knowledge.

You will receive detailed reports the same day of your inspection so you can address any issues immediately, and coloured photographs as proof of what we have seen and found.

Contact Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections to help find all your properties imperfections!

Michael Sanders
Tel: 0412 515 498

Ask yourself this… Do I know enough about the real condition of the house I’m about to buy?’

Our Investigation Will Answer…


What the problem area or defect is during our our building inspection process.


Where the problem or defect is located within your building.


How the defect will affect the house if is not repaired, and any potential consequences.


Why the problem or defect was highlighted, and its importance to your health, safety and finance.

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