Our Building Inspection Process

  • Book your professional Building Inspector!

    Book online or call Michael. Your comprehensive building inspection and house inspections Melbourne wide is now underway. Tell Michael about the service you require, your preferred dates and times, and we will confirm costs and payment arrangements.

    To comply with the Australian Standards for Building Inspections (A.S 4349-2007) requires that every pre-purchase inspection has a pre-engagement agreement accepted by the home purchaser before commencement of the inspection. A copy of this agreement is emailed to you at time of booking.

  • Confirm arrangements

    We are happy to contact the estate agent or owner on your behalf to arrange access to the property. We will then promptly contact you to confirm dates and times for the appointment, and any other details necessary.

  • Inspect the property

    Once the arrangements are made to everyone’s convenience, we will now conduct our inspection for you. This is our focused and professional investigation, to give you the knowledge you need before you commit to your investment.

    If you would like to meet your building inspector at the property following the inspection to discuss any matter, please let us know, and we will be happy to meet you.

  • Receive your Report

    You will receive your detailed Inspection report by email on the inspection day.

    Your report will contain photos, explanations in a clear and concise format that you can read and digest with ease.

    Our commitment to service and professionalism is apparent in the quality and content of our reports.

  • Advice and follow up

    Once you have had time to consider the report, we will request a conversation with you to discuss and explain the report findings in detail, and ensure clarity on any matters.

    Where the inspection and investigation reveals anything of concern, we will advise and recommend on any necessary further investigations or remedial works that may be required. We will help you form an action plan to overcome any issues that arise.

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