5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Building Inspector After an Inspection

Bayside Building Inspection

A building inspector can best guide your property purchases by providing detailed information about its current condition. Armed with the right amount of information, you can make the most profitable decision. Before buying a property in Melbourne, make sure to get a thorough building inspection.

“Did you encounter any deal breaker issues?”

The first order of business when talking to your inspector after your report is delivered is to make sure there are no huge problems with your property. If any potentially deal-breaking issues exist, it’s best to learn about it as soon as possible. Your inspector can best assist you in identifying what findings are minor and which are significant problems. This distinction is important since each of these requires entirely different action.

“Would I need to hire an expert to fix any of these issues?”

After you get a building inspection on your Melbourne property, you’ll be able to identify damage or problems that need to be fixed. It’s crucial for you to know which issues will require an expert’s assistance. You should never attempt a DIY to fix the problems that only trained hands are equipped to handle. It exposes you to unnecessary harm and can potentially make the situation worse. Instead, ask your inspector about what repairs and corrections require outside help, and budget appropriately.

“Is there anything that needs to be urgently fixed before I move into the home, such as health or safety hazards?”

Your and your family’s safety come first. After your building inspection, your PPI inspector will be able to tell you if there are any potential hazards in your Melbourne property. It’s best to hold off moving day until after the property is pest-, mould- and structural-damage-free to prevent accidents. At PPI, our goal is to help you take the right course of action to avoid any accidents.

“Can you explain what this term means and its impact on my property?”

Buying a property is a big deal. You don’t want to go into a significant investment with questions hanging around your mind. Your building inspector will help you clarify every detail within your report, for your understanding. It’s essential that you know what everything means and how it relates to your property. An obscure word that you let slide by, could have a significant impact in the long run.

“Are these issues part of normal property aging?”

Finally, it’s essential to clarify whether the current state of a property results from normal wear and tear, or if it’s a sign of neglect or severe damage. A properly cared for property holds real value, as it is less likely to deteriorate rapidly. On the other hand, a property that has been mistreated will inevitably keep causing trouble in the long run.

Gain some peace of mind and have a building inspector walk you through your next real estate purchase. Contact our team at PPI to schedule a building inspection for your Melbourne property.