5 Things to Ask a Building Inspector Before Hiring Them!

Getting a building inspection is an essential part of the selling or purchasing process of a Melbourne property. With a complete report of what lies under the roof, you can identify problematic issues, big and small, before it’s too late.

The ideal way to ensure you are getting all the information you need is by working with professional inspectors that are trained to evaluate every single aspect of a home. Taking risks with the quality of your home inspection is not a risk you want to take. A subpar infection report could result in future severe problems stemming from unidentified issues.

Save yourself potential trouble and hire only the best building inspectors for your Melbourne property sale or purchase. To know you’ve made the right choice, it is crucial you get to know your building inspector.

Here are some valid questions you can ask a building inspector to make sure you are working with a pro:

What is included in my Melbourne building inspection?

A dependable professional building inspector won’t let you go into a property purchase without all the facts. A proper inspection report will include everything, from the most apparent structural aspects to the smallest details. No flaw should go unnoticed.

At PPI, you can be confident you are getting a complete property evaluation. Our inspectors will carefully evaluate your property from beneath the ground to the rooftops.

Can you offer clients any additional assistance with reports?

It is one thing being able to read over a report and another being able to understand it. In many cases, inspection reports can contain a variety of technical terms that can be confusing for the average homeowner. The use of confusing technical jargon will make your building inspection of no use for your Melbourne property.

Ideally, you want to work with an inspector that can provide additional guidance and walk you through the report. Having someone to answer your questions and provide possible solutions is invaluable.

What experience and qualifications do you have?

A property is a significant investment, so make sure you are trusting your valuable assets to the experts. Avoid unwelcome surprises and amateur reports. Its always best to confirm your inspector’s experience and qualifications. At PPI, you’ll work with registered pest and building inspectors with over 30 years’ experience. You can be absolutely sure that you’re in the right hands.

Without the right equipment, it can be near impossible to inspect the less visible components of a home, for example, what lies beneath the surface. Before hiring an inspector, confirm that he has all the right work tools to provide a full property assessment. At PPI, with an impressive equipment repertoire that includes moisture meters and infrared cameras, no issue can go unnoticed.

How soon can I get the report?

Nowadays, time is more valuable than ever. A day delay on your building inspection report can be late enough to lose your dream Melbourne home to a quicker buyer. It is why a quality inspection doesn’t cut it. It has to be good, and it has to be fast. Before you find yourself in a stressful situation, make sure you confirm what your building inspector’s work time frame is. With a PPI inspector, however, you don’t have to worry. Get your inspection report within 24 hours.