Are House Inspections a Crucial Part of the Buying Process in Melbourne?

Yes, house inspections are a crucial part of the buying process in Melbourne. If you don’t have house inspections done before buying a home, it’s safe to say you may regret the decision. Ever notice how some people move into a house, and they end up packing out within a year?

That’s because they didn’t have building inspections done and ended up in the worst home. So unless you’re a certified building inspector, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a building inspector with you when you go to check out a house.

Here are some reasons why house inspections are so crucial when buying a house:

Save You Money

If you’ve been browsing through a lot of Melbourne houses, you’ll notice one thing- they’re severely overpriced. Furthermore, you’ll see that most of the homes aren’t worth the price they’re listed for. Sadly, there’s no way you can get them to lower their cost significantly if you don’t have something over them.

It is where house inspections come in; after they are done, the house’s defects are revealed. Once your building inspector shows you the inspections report, you’ll be able to point them out to the house seller and get them to reduce their price.

You’ll get a significant price reduction on the house and have enough money left over to have renovations done.


Most times, the defects of a house rarely show. If the sellers of the house are trying to cover up the faults of a house, there’s a high chance you won’t see it. Usually, when people want to buy a home, they only look at the exterior, the painting, and fancy architecture but ignore the systems that make it work.

Honestly, the internal systems aren’t your business when you have a building inspector with you. Your building inspector is the one who will expose all the bad parts of the Melbourne house you have your eyes on.

Issues like weak structures, faulty roofing, and home systems are some things you may get if you decide to go without house inspections. As a result, you’ll be saved from buying a home that’ll cost you more money in the long run.

People who buy faulty homes wish they had done house inspections before going through the process.

Estimated Cost

No home is perfect; there will be an aspect of a house that could improve. However, these should be minor upgrades; they shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. House inspections provide a report that outlines the weak structures and how much it’d cost you to fix them.

Once you see how much it’ll cost you to fix a particular house you have your eyes on, you’ll know whether you should proceed or not. It’ll also help you make an intelligent choice in the home you buy.

The quality of the house inspections you get depends on how good the building inspector is. So for experienced and professional building inspectors, come to premium pre-purchase building inspections.

All of our clients are still enjoying the homes they bought after our inspections!