Are You Selling Your Home? Then, We Can Help You Get the Most for Your Investment!

Before selling your home, you should read what we have to say. Many people will respond to your house listing, and you’ll get a lot of mixed responses. Some people will offer a nice amount for your Melbourne home while others will ask for ridiculous prices.

Let’s let you in on a little secret; the most attractive offer could still be lower than what your house is worth. Selling at a fair price is not enough; you should sell for a profit, and that’s where premium pre-purchase building inspections come in.

Through our building inspections, you’ll get the most out of your investment. Here’s how we’ll help:

Early Detection

Do you think your home is worthy of selling? You’ve lived in your home for years, so it’ll be perfect. However, hundreds of things are wrong with it that could discourage potential buyers from purchasing your home. Defects must be spotted early because you never know how many things are wrong until building inspections are done.

In addition, some faults only require minor repairs, while some cost you a lot. Once you see how expensive some repairs are, you may change your mind about selling your home or decide to go through with it.

Premium pre-purchase building inspections will help you with your decision making.

Necessary Repairs

Homebuyers will come with their building inspectors who will be looking for any and everything wrong with your Melbourne home. They’re going to capitalise on every defect your home has to get a better deal for their clients.

Homebuyers are coming well-prepared, don’t you want to prepare yourself too?

After your home’s faults are highlighted, it’s up to you to determine what you’d like to do with the information. For example, premium pre-purchase building inspections will assist you if you’d like to get repairs done.

 With us, you’ll be repairing all the things that’ll get you more for your home. You must get your repairs done with your building inspector because other inspectors recommend their preferred experts, which could be more expensive.

We’ll recommend our skilled experts for the repairs that need to be done on your Melbourne home.


After the necessary repairs are done on your home, you’ll not need to fear when any building inspections are done on your home. After the repairs are done, we’ll present you with a report that can be displayed to buyers.

Building inspections reports are highly regarded by home buyers and earn their respect. It shows that your home would be a good buy, and they may even decide to come without their inspector.

Bargain Power

When you know your home has minor faults, you’ll be able to negotiate with a buyer. Their building inspector won’t see any weakness, and they’d be compelled to agree with your price. You don’t need to sell your home for a lower price when you can sell it higher than planned.

Are you tired of going through disappointing buyers? Let premium pre-purchase building inspections help you sell your home. Contact us now for a quote!