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Building Inspections in Carnegie

Carnegie Building Inspections

Such is the sheer size of Melbourne that it’s difficult to know where to start looking for a new home. You might be searching for something perfect for a student, or perhaps you are settling down with a family. In Carnegie, there is truly something for everyone.

The suburb is located only 12km from Melbourne’s CBD and has a great blend of houses, units and apartments all varying in size. From the perspective of a potential buyer, Carnegie could be an excellent option due to the variety on offer. However, given the high demand for real estate in Melbourne, it is critical to know that you are getting what you pay for. Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections offer a service that checks the property for defects, damage and non-compliance so that you can negotiate a better price, or take it into consideration when going to auction.

The Cover-Ups

When a house is being prepared for sale, it is common for the owner to have repair work carried out in an attempt for it to appear aesthetically pleasing. It could be anything from filling the cracks in the walls, new grout in the bathroom, or even just a fresh coat of paint here and there. From the naked eye, nothing would look out of place. However, when this occurs, it can give a misleading understanding of the quality of the home.  Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections will point out instances where this has occurred, and provide you with clarity on what the bigger issues may have been. Quite often, smaller defects can be a sign of more serious problems to come.

Why Carnegie?

Residing here is all about living a classic Melbourne life. Carnegie is close to everything you need — great food, incredible shops and situated within reasonable distance to the CBD.  For anyone looking to make the commute to work in the morning, you could either catch the train on the Cranbourne or Pakenham line that would take only 25 minutes. If you are brave enough to tackle the traffic, the trip will take you between 30-40 minutes. Aren’t we lucky to have such great public transport?

Food Galore!

A major drawcard of Carnegie is its proximity to a huge amount of delicious food. Such is the multiculturalism of Melbourne that you will never struggle for choices. Whether it is for fine dining, or grabbing takeaway on a Friday night in, Carnegie has you covered. Head along to Koornang Road, but be prepared to be overwhelmed with options.

Incredible Shopping

I’m not sure if the novelty of visiting Chadstone Shopping Centre will ever get old. The shopping centre is the biggest in Australia and, considering Melbourne is the best city in Australia, the title of ‘The Fashion Capital’ is quite apt. A plethora of shops, a group of cinemas, great eateries, and even a carwash—Chadstone is something special. With over 500 stores and an annual patronage of 20 million, you can be sure that it will bring a unique experience.

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