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Should I Still Buy a House if a Building Inspector Says No?

No, you shouldn't buy a house if a building inspector says no. Building inspectors are as knowledgeable as builders, if not more because of the years of experience they've had inspecting. If a business inspector takes their time to inspect a building for you and deems the house unworthy, you should trust their decision. The […]
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Are House Inspections a Crucial Part of the Buying Process in Melbourne?

Yes, house inspections are a crucial part of the buying process in Melbourne. If you don’t have house inspections done before buying a home, it’s safe to say you may regret the decision. Ever notice how some people move into a house, and they end up packing out within a year? That’s because they didn’t […]
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What Power Do Building Inspectors in Melbourne Have?

Buying a Melbourne property is a big investment. To make sure you are making the right decision, you need to make sure the Melbourne house is worth its price. That is why many homebuyers hire an independent building inspector to examine the house before they purchase it. Even brand-new Melbourne homes need a building inspector. […]
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What Happens When a Building Inspector Finds Problems With a Melbourne Home?

A qualified building inspector should pinpoint any issues related to the Melbourne property they are examining. However, not every building inspector in Melbourne is qualified and skilled enough. That is why you need to choose your Melbourne building inspector carefully. In almost all cases, a building inspector will find some problems with the Melbourne property […]
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Why You Need To Hire Building Inspector Before Purchasing A House In Melbourne

Thinking of buying a new house in Melbourne? The first thing you should know, never go alone. Realtors can be like sharks looking for unsuspecting homebuyers who don’t know too much about buildings. They’ll try their best to sell a house that is lacking all the basic systems to you if you let them. And […]
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