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Building Inspection

Building Inspections Are a Must When Purchasing a New Property! 

Once you have found the Melbourne property you like, stopping yourself from buying it isn't easy. However, getting the help of a professional building inspector is essential. It can save you thousands of dollars. 

It does not matter if the Melbourne building you want ticks all the boxes you are looking for. Usually, there is much more to a property than meets the eye. 

That is why you need the view of an experienced Melbourne building inspector. The help of a qualified building inspector will provide you with a more objective opinion about the Melbourne property. Here is how:


Uncover Any Hidden Issues

On the surface, everything in the Melbourne building might look perfect. However, an experienced building inspector will be able to uncover more. 

Qualified Melbourne building inspectors know what to look for. They also come prepared with the tools needed to find hidden defects. 

From rusty roofs to cracks in the wall, your building inspector will not miss any problems, even if the issues in the Melbourne building have been disguised. A skilled building inspector can see what a fresh coat of paint covers. 


Negotiation Power

A good Melbourne building inspector will report the expected repair costs. So, you can estimate the actual value of the Melbourne property you want to purchase. More often, it will be less than the seller's asking price. 

Not every Melbourne property is perfect. An experienced Melbourne building inspector will provide a report detailing all their findings. 

Some building inspectors also include an estimation of the repair costs. So, you can discuss what needs to be repaired with the Melbourne property owner. 

The seller can then either fix all the issues in the building or reduce their asking price. 


Peace of Mind

Any structural damage or other issues in the Melbourne building can put you and your family at risk. To guarantee the safety of a property, you need to get it checked by a Melbourne building inspector. 

They will reveal if the Melbourne property contains any safety issues. The building inspector's report will also indicate if the building has dangerous materials, such as asbestos. 

With Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, you can confidently employ one of Melbourne's best inspectors. 

The detailed reports of our building inspectors can help you save thousands of dollars on your property investment. With over 30 years of experience, our Melbourne building inspectors have seen it all before. 

Our building inspectors will uncover any dodgy cover-ups or hidden issues. You will receive our detailed report within 24 hours of our Melbourne building inspection. 

It includes clear photos and assessments of the building. So you will know exactly the issues and the cost of fixing them. 

Make your Melbourne property investment a smart one. Contact our building inspectors now!


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