How Can A Building Inspection Service Help Me Get The Best Price For My Property?

building inspection

Investing In A Pre-sale Building Inspection

When it comes time to sell your Melbourne property, it’s only natural that you’ll want to get the best price for your investment. However, many homeowners struggle to identify areas of the home that are just bringing their property’s market value down.

It is because some of the more severe and costly defects within a home are only visible to a highly trained eye. Many potential buyers will invest in a building inspection that will bring these issues to light and potentially bring down their property offer or eliminate it all together.

Knowing this, why not get one step ahead? At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we help you get one step forward of the game! Our pre-sale building inspection services will help you identify any issues, both major and minor, allowing you to make amendments before putting your home on the market.

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Identify Defects

Throughout our thorough inspection process, we will identify defects, both major and minor and present them to you in a comprehensive building report.

Each of our reports is coupled with picture evidence, making it easy for you to understand where the issues lie. From here, you can opt whether or not to fix these issues before placing your home on the market, which will only increase your home’s value!

Establish Trust With Buyers

Upon open inspections, presenting your potential buyers with a building inspection report for your home will help establish trust. It is because you are offering them with a professional report that will either inform them of areas of the house that may require maintenance or a statement that reinforces the fact that the home is worth their money.

By doing so, it can create more significant interest, push the sale price up and result in a quicker sale.

Get The Best Possible Price

As mentioned previously, a pre-sale building inspection will help you achieve more for your Melbourne home. It is done by yourself assessing the inspection results and choosing to up your asking price, or establishing trust within potential buyers which will see them pay more for your property.

If you’re looking to sell your Melbourne property, investing in a pre-sale building inspection from Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections will see your property price soar! What are you waiting for? Call the Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections today!