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Building Inspection

Building inspections are quite a crucial part of selling or buying any Melbourne property. With an inspection, the buyer and the seller protect their interests and keep property transaction processes honest and transparent. Even better, building inspections can help you get a better deal on your Melbourne residential or business property acquisition or sale.

A great deal of what makes a Melbourne building inspection valuable is the quality of the service. Expert and qualified inspectors and modern equipment play a significant part in the results you’ll get. The more detailed the information you get and the clearer it's explained, the better! However, depending on how prepared you are, you can also make your Melbourne building inspection more or less effective.

Since building inspections can have a considerable impact on property transactions, preparing your property for inspection should not be a task that’s taken lightly. Plus, you should consider that you’ll have to pay for your building inspection services. Being adequately prepared means getting the most out of your money. Failing to do so, on the other hand, can represent dollars down the drain.

If you are having your Melbourne building inspected soon, here are some of the things you can do beforehand to get ready:


Take Care Of Small Issues That Are Easy to Fix Beforehand!

Have you noticed a leaky faucet in the residential property you are selling? What about any missing door or cabinet handles? Small issues like this one take nearly no time or effort to fix. And getting to them beforehand can really work in your favour!

When the inspector visits the property, they will thoroughly and honestly evaluate it. That means that everything they see, they will report. Yes, everything, including the small, trivial stuff. Sure, minor defects might not concern you. But do you want your potential buyers to receive long lists full of all the tiny defects in your property? They might be small, but seen all together, they can genuinely add up. This can end up scaring buyers away.

Thankfully, this is easy and almost always cheap to avoid. Just fix these little details before your Melbourne building inspection rolls around.


Make Your Home Obstacle Free

Try to make the inspection process as easy as possible for your inspector. Sure, building inspectors will develop a thorough evaluation of your home either way. But, by making your home as accessible as possible, you can really simplify the process. This means removing the clutter from every room, but it also includes the exteriors. Try to clear away as much of the stuff crowding the perimeter of your home before an inspection. This allows inspectors to gather all the essential information on your property way more efficiently!


Clean. Clean. Clean.

Sure, the cleanliness of your home or business property might not be part of your evaluation. However, it does speak much about how committed you are to take good care of your home. Plus, in many cases, pictures are taken during inspections. Such images might be included in reports that eventually make their way to potential buyers. Don’t risk presenting your home at its worst state! With a quick clean-up, you can make a better impression.


Get Ready For Your Building Inspection

Now you are finally ready to book that Melbourne building inspection! What are you waiting for? With PPI, you can get an inspection within 24 hours and receive a same-day report! Contact us for more information at 0412 515 498.

Are you buying your first home or business property? Have you considered investing in a building inspection for such a Melbourne property?

If not, then you should reconsider. Spending a little bit of money on a quality Melbourne building inspection can result in substantial savings in the long run!


Make Sure You Really Know What You’re Buying

Remember that there’s more to a book than its cover. Like the prettiest book covers can shelter a lame story, apparently excellent-looking properties can hide disappointing interiors.

Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous property damage is not always visible at first sight. And in some cases, it can even take years for the magnitude of the destruction or deterioration to become apparent.

Unless you’ve been wary of this possibility and made an informed purchase, ending up with an expensive-to-repair, unsafe home or business is a real possibility. For this reason, it's better to play it safe. The best way to guarantee a property purchase will work in your best interest is by evaluating it through a Melbourne building inspection.


Save Money, Present, and Future!

Building inspections take care of your investments in the short and long term. At first, building inspections can help you save money immediately during your property purchase.

For once, they can prevent you from making a huge financial mistake! By informing you about the properties that catch your eye, you can best identify if they are worth the money. You can dodge a bullet by knowing which properties can bring you more trouble than value. This means you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money and work in the future.

There’s nothing worse than being surprised with the bad news that your property is falling apart. Especially since you’ll have to cover unexpected expenses quickly! Failing to do so results in even more damage and decay. Worse, you might even spend more than you originally paid for a property while fixing it up.

Melbourne building inspections can also help you save money by giving you leverage for negotiation. Perhaps you like a particular property, even if the inspection report states it’s slightly banged up. You are confident that you can handle the repairs involved under the right circumstances. In these cases, reported damage can help you score a lower price on the property of your choice. This way, you can save money and cut the expenses of home remodelling!


Why not help yourself out?

Melbourne Building Inspections Start At $295

A few hundred dollars is all it takes to negotiate the price of a property price or save thousands in potential repairs! With PPI, you’ll get a comprehensive report that will provide you with all the info you need to make the best decision. And best of all? You can get all the intel the very same day.

Don’t know anything about construction? Don’t worry, our expert investors are here to help!

Do right by your wallet and schedule a PPI building inspection for your next Melbourne property purchase.

Are you planning on selling your Melbourne property? Before listing it, you must ensure any existing or potential issues are fixed. To maximise the sale price, you need a reliable guarantee that your Melbourne property is now in top shape.

A comprehensive report from trusted building inspectors will help you sell your Melbourne property faster and for a better price. Here is how:


Find and Fix Any Issues

If potential buyers found any unreported defects or leaks, they will lose trust in the information you presented. Consequently, they will offer you a lower purchase price. In some cases, they might even cancel the whole deal.

Our building inspectors at PPI will check every aspect of your Melbourne property. Unlike other building inspectors, our checks are not just above the surface. From the roof, decks and verandahs to the subfloor structure, fences, and flooring, nothing is left unchecked. Our building inspectors use infrared cameras and moisture metres to identify any problem no matter how big or small.

Any identified issues will be included in our comprehensive report. Additionally, our building inspectors will also report the cause of the problem and the steps and cost to fix it. This will allow you to solve any issues before listing your Melbourne property.


Stop Pests From Damaging Your Property

If left untreated, termites, wood borers mould, and fungi can cause costly damage to your Melbourne property. More importantly, they can also present a significant health hazard. Unfortunately, this is a common risk for many Melbourne properties.

Our building and pest inspectors will not only check the structural soundness of your Melbourne property. Any past, current, or potential pest issues will also be identified. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars.


Reassure Potential Buyers

Purchasing a property is a significant investment. Therefore, potential buyers of your Melbourne property want to make sure they are making the right choice. An independent, unbiased report done by experienced building inspectors is the guarantee they might be looking for. It reassures them that there are no hidden issues that they will have to repair after purchase.

At PPI, our inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards. Within 24 hours of the inspection, we will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive report. Our Melbourne building inspectors will identify minor or major defects, structural issues, and existing and potential problems. They will also include photos and clear explanations in their report to give you a full picture of the property’s condition.

By choosing PPI, you will be getting the best building inspectors in Melbourne. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, our building inspectors have seen it all.

Get your Melbourne property thoroughly inspected. Call us now!

Are you ready to sell your home? With the right prep and a quality building inspection, selling your Melbourne home couldn’t be easier. Before you list your property on the market, make sure you are taking all the right steps for the best-selling experience.


The Art of Selling Your Melbourne Property

There’s a wide variety of factors that influence the time frame and success of a house sale. Pricing, location, property-specific perks and conditions are all major influencing factors. Assessing what your biggest sale pitches are is essential. Anything that makes your home more attractive, even in a small way, can work in your favour.

It’s simple logic, the more your property can offer, the more desirable it will be. On the same note, anything that could pose a problem for the buyer might sway them in the opposite direction. Hence, identifying potential turn-offs and working to minimize them is also essential. Always remember that no matter what your home looks like right now, you can still do something to make it more appealing and easier to sell.


When it comes to determining how to sell your property as quickly as possible, think about the following:

What would you look for if you were to purchase a new property?
What pros can your property provide to potential buyers?
What would strengthen your trust in the seller and your decision to purchase?
What would be a property deal-breaker?


Basic Home Sale Prep

Want your home to sell? Make your property as valuable as possible before putting it on the market! The worst thing you can do is try to sell without proper preparation. Even if your budget is tight, small cost-friendly fixes can help your home sell. Repairs won’t just save you time, but money by scoring you a better amount of money for your property.

Promote your home at its best! Before showing your home, make sure to remove all personal touches, get everything clean and repair instantly evident damages. These small efforts go a great way towards impressing buyers. Make sure you exhibit your home with tasteful and minimal décor, neutral colours and no clutter. Deal with anything that might distract attention or detract value before it causes you trouble.


Why Prove Your Melbourne Property’s Worth With a Building Inspection?

It’s a fact: every buyer is looking for a smart investment. Nobody wants to purchase a house that will require severe and expensive damage control or that is full of hidden issues. At least not for a fair amount.

In turn, to be an effective salesman, you must show potential buyers the real value of investing in your property. Most importantly, you should convince prospective buyers that your property is worth their money. You can gain buyers’ trust not only by getting your home in its best shape but by being transparent about its condition. A third party evaluation vouching for the first state of your home can work wonders to getting your home sold at max speed.


A Pre-Sale Building Inspection Can Help You Earn Trust and Sell Your Melbourne Home!

Proving the damage and pest free state of your property can translate into several dollars in your Melbourne home sale. Plus, once potential buyers are confident in your properties worth, selling it will be a breeze! By just investing a few hundred dollars in a Melbourne building inspection, you can get better value for your property and help it sell faster.

At Premium Purchase Inspections, you can get a complete and thorough property inspection within 24 hours and with same-day reports! All of our inspectors are experienced registered builders. Working with the latest technology, they can provide all the information you need and more! As if that wasn’t enough, our team will walk you through every piece of the report. Never feel stuck with a bunch of technical information you can’t understand again! At PPI, we are there for you every step of the way. With our building inspections, your Melbourne home sale will be headed for success!

A PPI building inspection is a vital investment to make for your Melbourne home or property. No matter where you stand, as a seller or buyer, getting an inspection is always the smartest choice and could potentially lead to significant savings.

Your time, money and effort are precious. You can protect these investments by protecting your property from pests, damage and structural defects that will be expensive and difficult to repair.


The Experience Your Property Deserves

At PPI we have the experience and tools to cover all your Melbourne home, building, and property inspection needs. With over 30 years of experience in property inspection, our team has gathered expertise rarely found somewhere else. We have successfully witnessed, identified and dealt with all kinds of building and pest issues before. A PPI inspection is an inspection you can trust.

Our inspectors are registered builders who know what to look for and where to look for it. With years of experience working with customers, we know how to communicate findings to clients and assist them in applying the reported information.


PPI Building Inspection Reports for Your Melbourne Property

Our reports are complete and convenient, providing a full assessment of all aspects of a property. Despite an ultra-speedy delivery, within 24 hours of inspection, no detail is ignored. By getting a PPI building inspection report for your Melbourne property, you will get all the information you need for as little as $295. Our reports identify detected problems or flaws, their location, importance and extent, causes and solutions (including their costs).

If you have any questions after going over your extensive and detailed report, you can always address them in your post-inspection conversation with our expert inspector, who can offer guidance and clarity in all aspects of your reported findings. Your PPI inspector can provide recommendations for repairs and further actions to take. We’ll make sure that you get all the information you need to feel calm and confident in your new home.


PPI Is Equipped for Everything

From the roof to the ground, no aspect of your building will go unexamined. At PPI we inspect:

Plus, anything else you can think of within a 30m radius of a house and its boundaries. With the latest equipment for home inspections, including infrared cameras and moisture meters, there’s barely anything we can’t look at.

Get the most comprehensive inspection today and gain some invaluable peace of mind. Contact us and book your building inspection today!

Why do you need a building inspection for your new Melbourne home?
Typically, people choose to build a house rather than buy one for a reason: to get a made-to-order dream home. It isn’t hard to imagine why. Building a home from scratch enables you to have full control over everything, from design to execution. Who would not want to move into a house that’s modelled entirely according to their preferences?

Don’t let anything step between you and your perfect house. If you are in the process of building your Melbourne home, protect your interests by getting a new home building inspection. Protecting your investment, keeping your family safe, and your home beautiful and functional is entirely up to you.


It's Best to Trust an Expert

A fresh new perspective can always bring in new ideas, especially so if such eyes belong to an extremely qualified and experienced person, such as the Melbourne building inspectors at PPI.

Building a home is a hugely ambitious project, and with so much to do, even the most experienced construction team can miss a few things. Flaws aren’t always apparent at first glance and can quickly go unnoticed even once you move in. It can take several months or even years before these defects cause enough damage to draw your attention. By then repairs will most likely be more costly and inconvenient.

It’s not about the quality of your builders. Taking responsibility is more about gaining extra peace of mind than lack of trust in your construction team. At the end of the day, its you, not your builder, who will have to deal with any unnoticed issues. You can dodge a lot of trouble by simply getting a building inspection on your Melbourne home before the handover. Make sure that once you step through the door and settle in, everything is in perfect shape. You won’t regret it.


A Home Inspection Is Worth It

PPI’s new home handover building inspections start as low as $295. It’s a very small price to pay in exchange for your tranquillity and safety. In reality, a home inspection is an investment for the years to come. Getting an expert building inspection can end up saving you a significant amount of trouble and money.

With a PPI new home Melbourne building inspection, nothing is left unexamined. Our inspector will carefully analyze the condition of all components of your home from what lies underground up to the roof. Any building aspect you can think of, we cover.

Best of all, we value your time, so you’ll be reading over your inspection report within 24 hours of our inspector’s visit. Shortly after, your inspector will approach you to talk about the findings and answer any of your questions. This allows our customer to take any necessary actions promptly and wisely. Our friendly staff will be there to guide you.

Contact us and book your a building inspection for your new Melbourne home!

A building inspector can best guide your property purchases by providing detailed information about its current condition. Armed with the right amount of information, you can make the most profitable decision. Before buying a property in Melbourne, make sure to get a thorough building inspection.


“Did you encounter any deal breaker issues?”

The first order of business when talking to your inspector after your report is delivered is to make sure there are no huge problems with your property. If any potentially deal-breaking issues exist, it's best to learn about it as soon as possible. Your inspector can best assist you in identifying what findings are minor and which are significant problems. This distinction is important since each of these requires entirely different action.


“Would I need to hire an expert to fix any of these issues?”

After you get a building inspection on your Melbourne property, you’ll be able to identify damage or problems that need to be fixed. It’s crucial for you to know which issues will require an expert’s assistance. You should never attempt a DIY to fix the problems that only trained hands are equipped to handle. It exposes you to unnecessary harm and can potentially make the situation worse. Instead, ask your inspector about what repairs and corrections require outside help, and budget appropriately.


“Is there anything that needs to be urgently fixed before I move into the home, such as health or safety hazards?”

Your and your family’s safety come first. After your building inspection, your PPI inspector will be able to tell you if there are any potential hazards in your Melbourne property. It’s best to hold off moving day until after the property is pest-, mould- and structural-damage-free to prevent accidents. At PPI, our goal is to help you take the right course of action to avoid any accidents.


“Can you explain what this term means and its impact on my property?”

Buying a property is a big deal. You don’t want to go into a significant investment with questions hanging around your mind. Your building inspector will help you clarify every detail within your report, for your understanding. It’s essential that you know what everything means and how it relates to your property. An obscure word that you let slide by, could have a significant impact in the long run.


“Are these issues part of normal property aging?”

Finally, it’s essential to clarify whether the current state of a property results from normal wear and tear, or if it’s a sign of neglect or severe damage. A properly cared for property holds real value, as it is less likely to deteriorate rapidly. On the other hand, a property that has been mistreated will inevitably keep causing trouble in the long run.

Gain some peace of mind and have a building inspector walk you through your next real estate purchase. Contact our team at PPI to schedule a building inspection for your Melbourne property.

Buying a property is a huge commitment. It pays to make it a smart one. When making big decisions, lack of information can end up costing you thousands. There are simple steps you can take to avoid putting your hard-earned money into a bad investment. By getting a pre-sale building inspection, you can find certainty and confidence in your Melbourne property purchase.


The Power of Information

Getting a building inspection should be an essential part of your Melbourne property purchase. Equipped with all the information, you can best evaluate the pros and cons. Issues that go unnoticed initially can raise havoc in the future, blowing through your wallet and taking a long time to fix. With a building inspection, you will have all the knowledge in your hands, before you make the final decision. Even better, being in the know can give you leverage to negotiate. Awareness is power. Letting the seller know you have all the intel on potential issues, which you’ll have to solve, is a great way to get a lower price on a property you love.


A Small Price to Pay for Peace of Mind

When you are knee deep in expenses, extra spending might seem hard to justify. However, when it comes to buying a property, trying to save the cents often results in spending the hundreds.

A wide variety of threats can be silently lurking behind walls and under the floors of your new home or business property, waiting to jump at you at the most inconvenient times. These emergencies can cost impressive amounts of money to repair and potentially put your family at risk. At times, damage can be so extensive that repair costs surpass the property cost. You’ll wish you’d spent a minimal amount on getting an expert opinion, rather than spending double your investment on the aftermath.

A building inspection hardly costs a thing compared to the amount you can save in potential damage repair or pest control. These issues are even more critical with the purchase of a home, where the safety of your family is the priority. Protect your loved ones and your money by getting a building inspection for your new Melbourne property.


Get the Information You Can Understand Quickly

With Premium Purchase Inspections, you’ll get all the information you need in no time. We provide a 24-hour inspection service with same day reports, to keep your buying purchase running with no delays.

Our building inspectors understand that you might not be familiar with all the specific jargon, so they’ll break all the information down for you. Our team is ready to address all your questions and clarify any unclear terms. Our inspector can even provide tailored recommendations to deal with any encountered issues and identify any major areas of concern. You can put your trust in our hands. At PPI we have more than 30 years of experience, and all our inspectors are registered building experts. Contact us today to book your inspection or get a quote.

A building that looks very good on the surface could have a lot of hidden defects and pressing issues. If you are planning on selling your property in Melbourne soon, our building inspection service could help you sell it faster and for a higher price. If every aspect of your building were up to standard, our report would make your potential buyers more confident. If not you will have the opportunity to rectify any issues before selling.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we inspect every visible or hidden aspect of your Melbourne building to detect the issues, defects, problems and potential problems that exist in it. Through our building inspection, we determine where these problems exist and to what extent. We then advise how they should be fixed and how much it will cost. The causes of the issues and their consequences are also uncovered in our building inspection report.

For a building inspection to go smoothly, there should not be any distractions or accessibility issues for the inspector.


Open Access Inside

The inspector should have easy access throughout the building, especially the critical areas, like the water heater, air conditioning units, under sinks and attic door.

You should make sure no doors are locked, and no areas are blocked off. If a particular area was not included in the report, because the inspector could not reach it, this will raise a red flag for your potential buyers. Also, you will not know if this area of your Melbourne building contains any problems that need your attention.


Clear the Exterior

The inspector will not only need access to the interior grounds of your Melbourne building. The exterior area around the building needs to get inspected as well. That is why it should also be cleared of any trash cans or stored items.


Replace Burned Out Bulbs

To the building inspector, a non-functioning bulb can be an indicator of two scenarios: either the bulb itself is burned out, or there is an electrical problem. It will waste some time for the inspector to investigate further to determine the real cause.


Label the Fuse Box

Identifying the different fuses in a fuse box could be confusing and frustrating for both you and the building inspector. Make sure to label each switch in the box correctly and remove any incorrect labels.


Inspection Day Preparations

To make the building inspection day go as smoothly as possible, you should keep all utilities on and unlock any gates or any other areas you usually keep secured or locked.

Inspectors usually arrive early, so try to be ready a couple of hours before the agreed inspection time. Prepare to vacate your building during the inspection. If you cannot do that, then at least keep your children and pets out of the way.  

After the inspection, it is essential you read the report carefully. Our professional team at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections are glad to answer all of your questions and concerns. Call us to book your building inspection in Melbourne now!

The best way to learn about the condition of a property is through a building inspection. Some problems are just minor issues. They do not have to be a deal breaker. However, other pressing issues could present a safety hazard to the building or cost thousands of dollars to fix.

With over 30 years of experience in Melbourne building inspection services, we have seen it all. Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, as a registered builder and pest inspector in Melbourne, could easily detect any dodgy cover-ups, shoddy work or structural problems that develop over time.


What Should a Professional Building Inspection Cover?

A professional building inspection should be like a full body health check-up. It should cover and examine all areas of the house.

Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections is not like many other inspectors in Melbourne. We thoroughly inspect every aspect of the building, not just the surface. Under the floor, over the roof and every space in between gets checked, during our building inspection. We use the latest equipment, such as infrared cameras and moisture meters, to detect any hidden issues or problems.


Can a Building Fail in an Inspection?

The findings of a building inspection will merely provide you with an objective and unbiased assessment of the property condition. It is not a pass or fail system.

Our objective at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections is to detect any issues, defects, problems and potential problems that exist in the building. Determine where they are, to what extent and investigate their causes and effects on the property. We will also advise you on how they should be fixed and how much it will cost to fix them.

Through our building inspections in Melbourne, these are the most common issues we come across:


What Does The Building Inspection Report Include?

The report is a useful document you will receive, as a conclusion of the building inspection process. It should be unbiased, objective and detailed to give you as much information as possible about the current and potential problems of the building.

Your Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections report will be sent to you within 24 hours of the inspection. Our report includes clear photos and detailed explanations to make it easy to understand. It covers all minor and major defects, and current and potential issues to give you a clear idea about what is going on with the inspected building. We also provide you with steps to rectify any problems and estimate how much this will cost.

During the building inspection, you are also welcome to accompany our inspector and ask any questions. It is an excellent way to get a professional opinion on the issues you are unsure about.

To book the best building inspection service in Melbourne, call us now!

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