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Building Inspection

No, you shouldn't buy a house if a building inspector says no. Building inspectors are as knowledgeable as builders, if not more because of the years of experience they've had inspecting.

If a business inspector takes their time to inspect a building for you and deems the house unworthy, you should trust their decision. The business inspector gains nothing from you not buying the house, so you can't say they're saying no because of any selfish reasons.

They most likely saw many problems that could affect you if you choose to live in that house. So here are some dire reasons why a building inspector can say you shouldn't buy a house.

Weak Foundation

The foundation of a house determines its overall quality. A solid foundation is one thing building inspectors look for in a home because it increases the life span of a home and makes it stronger. In addition, you won't need to have many repairs done or consider moving out of the house with a strong foundation.

Sadly, weak foundations are more common than solid foundations, but it's never visible to the untrained eye. A house can look perfect outside and be a wreck underneath. A weak foundation is one of the significant reasons a building inspector can tell you not to buy a house.

Houses with weak foundations will put you at a loss because you'll have to spend a ton on repairs and consider moving out soon.

Poor Roofing System

The roofing system of a house is one of the essential systems of a home. A bad roof will lead to leaks that can destroy your furniture and valuables. A flawed roofing system will also peel off the painting and wall of the house eventually.

Another thing a poor roofing system can do is destroy the foundation of a home due to the water that keeps dripping down to it. As with every flaw of a home, you won't notice or detect it if you're untrained.

However, it'll be easy for a building inspector to detect all the defects in the house you've set your eyes on.

Faulty Home Systems

The critical systems of a house are the; electrical system, plumbing system, and heating and ventilation system.

The electrical system ensures that every area of the home is well wired, and there's no naked wire or bad wiring that can lead to sparks. The plumbing system provides that a house's drainage and gutter system is top-notch, and there's water in every room of the house.

Lastly, we have the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the house. The HVAC system ensures that it's well ventilated, and you can get air conditioning in your home. Imagine if you couldn't have air conditioning during the summer because of your house's defects.

A building inspector will check out all these things and more as they affect your experience in the house. For a building inspector to say you shouldn't buy a home means the house falls short of every requirement.

For thorough inspections, come to premium pre-purchase building inspections. After our assessments, you'll get a detailed report outlining every feature, strength, and defect of the house.

Contact us so you'll not buy a house you'll regret.

Yes, house inspections are a crucial part of the buying process in Melbourne. If you don’t have house inspections done before buying a home, it’s safe to say you may regret the decision. Ever notice how some people move into a house, and they end up packing out within a year?

That’s because they didn’t have building inspections done and ended up in the worst home. So unless you’re a certified building inspector, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a building inspector with you when you go to check out a house.

Here are some reasons why house inspections are so crucial when buying a house:

Save You Money

If you’ve been browsing through a lot of Melbourne houses, you’ll notice one thing- they’re severely overpriced. Furthermore, you’ll see that most of the homes aren’t worth the price they’re listed for. Sadly, there’s no way you can get them to lower their cost significantly if you don’t have something over them.

It is where house inspections come in; after they are done, the house’s defects are revealed. Once your building inspector shows you the inspections report, you’ll be able to point them out to the house seller and get them to reduce their price.

You’ll get a significant price reduction on the house and have enough money left over to have renovations done.


Most times, the defects of a house rarely show. If the sellers of the house are trying to cover up the faults of a house, there’s a high chance you won’t see it. Usually, when people want to buy a home, they only look at the exterior, the painting, and fancy architecture but ignore the systems that make it work.

Honestly, the internal systems aren’t your business when you have a building inspector with you. Your building inspector is the one who will expose all the bad parts of the Melbourne house you have your eyes on.

Issues like weak structures, faulty roofing, and home systems are some things you may get if you decide to go without house inspections. As a result, you’ll be saved from buying a home that’ll cost you more money in the long run.

People who buy faulty homes wish they had done house inspections before going through the process.

Estimated Cost

No home is perfect; there will be an aspect of a house that could improve. However, these should be minor upgrades; they shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. House inspections provide a report that outlines the weak structures and how much it’d cost you to fix them.

Once you see how much it’ll cost you to fix a particular house you have your eyes on, you’ll know whether you should proceed or not. It’ll also help you make an intelligent choice in the home you buy.

The quality of the house inspections you get depends on how good the building inspector is. So for experienced and professional building inspectors, come to premium pre-purchase building inspections.

All of our clients are still enjoying the homes they bought after our inspections!

Buying a Melbourne property is a big investment. To make sure you are making the right decision, you need to make sure the Melbourne house is worth its price.

That is why many homebuyers hire an independent building inspector to examine the house before they purchase it. Even brand-new Melbourne homes need a building inspector. It is because they can have structural issues that can be invisible to you.

Here is more about the authorities and power of a Melbourne building inspector:

How Can a Building Inspector Empower You?

With a licenced building inspector, you will have the power to examine the Melbourne house you want to buy inside out. If the seller has nothing to hide, they will agree to let the building inspector do their job with no restrictions. Any found defects will help you negotiate a better price.

If you have already bought the Melbourne property, an independent building inspector can still help. If there is a dispute between you and the builder, you can ask for a building inspector to act as a third party.

They will examine the Melbourne property and provide you with an official report. You can use it to persuade the builder.

If you need to take this to court, you can use the building inspector report as evidence of your claims. The building inspector report includes all the relevant building codes and defects. In addition, it will show all parties the extent of the damages and who is responsible for them.

Why Hire a Building Inspector?

Many building issues and problems can seem invisible to you. However, it takes a professional Melbourne building inspector to catch them. A building inspector is skilled and has the required knowledge. They know what to look for exactly in a Melbourne property.

With a building inspector, you will be able to find out the actual condition of the Melbourne house you want to buy. It will give you serious purchasing power. As a result, you will be able to negotiate a better price. A qualified Melbourne building inspector will also give you some advice on the required repairs.

What To Look For in a Melbourne Building Inspector?

Some Melbourne real estate agents can offer you the help of a building inspector free of charge. Do not take it. You cannot guarantee this building inspector will not be biased. To get accurate, fair results, you need to hire an independent building inspector.

Also, try to make sure the building inspector is a registered builder to guarantee they have the required skills to carry the job effectively.

At PPI, we have more than thirty years of experience. In addition, as a registered builder, we have the expertise you need for any Melbourne building inspection.

We check any property inside out. To get accurate results, we invest in the best equipment. From infrared cameras to moisture meters, nothing is left unchecked.

Hire the best building inspector in Melbourne for your peace of mind. Contact us today!

A qualified building inspector should pinpoint any issues related to the Melbourne property they are examining. However, not every building inspector in Melbourne is qualified and skilled enough. That is why you need to choose your Melbourne building inspector carefully.

In almost all cases, a building inspector will find some problems with the Melbourne property in question. You should not expect a perfect building. However, it all comes down to how severe the building issues are.

Here is what happens when a building inspector finds issues with a Melbourne property:

What Can You Do After Receiving the Building Inspector Report?

The main task of any building inspector is to uncover all the defects in a property. That is why, after examining the Melbourne house, your building inspector should provide you with a detailed report. It should contain all the issues and problems the building inspector found.

A qualified Melbourne building inspector should not just mention the issues. They should also mention the cause of the problem and suggest repair solutions. The building inspection report should give you negotiating power.

You can ask for a price reduction on the Melbourne house to make up for the expected repair costs. If the Melbourne property requires significant work, you can walk out from the purchase deal.

How Can Your Melbourne Building Inspector Help?

Usually, building inspector reports are long and scary. They can contain too many technical terms that are hard to understand. That is why some Melbourne building inspectors offer to clarify the report and answer any questions you may have.

A good building inspector should contain in their report pictures pointing out the issues. These can be used as evidence in your price negotiation process.

Your Melbourne building inspector should also provide you with repairs suggestions and cost estimates. These will help you make up your mind on whether the Melbourne house in question is worth the money or not.

What To Look For in a Building Inspector Report?

When choosing a Melbourne building inspector, look for someone that provides comprehensive reports. The report should be detailed and easy to understand. It should also be written and completed following Australian Standards.

These set out the minimum requirements for building inspections. A qualified building inspector will not just mention the issues of the Melbourne property. They will also identify the causes of the problem and recommend ways to repair it.

By choosing PPI, you can rest assured you are getting the best building inspectors in Melbourne. As a registered builder, we know what to look for exactly. Our more than thirty years of experience enable us to catch any dodgy cover ups or shoddy work.

We provide same day, detailed reports with clear photos of the Melbourne building issues. Our building inspectors write simple, easy to understand reports. They will gladly answer all your questions.

Know the building inside out before you buy it. Contact our Melbourne building inspector today!

Thinking of buying a new house in Melbourne? The first thing you should know, never go alone.

Realtors can be like sharks looking for unsuspecting homebuyers who don’t know too much about buildings. They’ll try their best to sell a house that is lacking all the basic systems to you if you let them.

And you know the thing? Most times, it works. People end up buying houses that are almost falling apart. Why? Because they never hire a building inspector before buying it. 

Here are some reasons why you need to hire a building inspector before purchasing a house in Melbourne:

Determine if it’s habitable

You’d be surprised at how many dangerous houses are on the Melbourne market. There are houses with roofing systems that are one breeze away from falling down, and you wouldn’t suspect a thing. Most times, the buildings are so beautifully or expertly designed to deceive the untrained eye.

If you go to check out such a Melbourne house, you would be tempted to buy it, but a building inspector would know better.

Their inspections will let you know whether a house would be adequate for you and your family members to live in.

Increases your bargaining power

The bargaining step is a crucial step in the house buying process. No way, you’ll buy a home at the first price you’re told. You could bargain to an amount, but there’s a high possibility you could negotiate for a lower price with a building inspector.

Knowing the defects of a home will make you more confident when you’re bargaining. Letting the realtor know that the house isn’t worth the amount charged and citing some of its defects will fetch you a lower price.

However, you should know that this only applies to houses with manageable defects. You shouldn’t bargain for a house that would cost you more in the long run.

Let’s you know potential costs

The heart wants what it wants. Sometimes, a client's heart is set on a particular house, and there’s nothing you can do to discourage them, even if it’s unworthy.

If you’re prepared to spend an exorbitant amount on renovating your dream house, a building inspector would be a great sidekick to have.

After assessing all the defects of a house, they’ll tell you how much it would cost to repair it. They could even recommend people that could assist you with renovations.

A detailed report

This is one of the major reasons people hire building inspectors. At the end of an inspection, they provide a detailed report that outlines the features, strengths and weaknesses of a house. This inspection report lets you know what you should expect in a house should you choose to buy it.

For example, if you would like to have an HVAC system in the house but the house can’t accommodate it, the report would let you know.

There’s no reason to go through the house buying process yourself when you can take a professional along. The building inspectors at premium pre-purchase inspections would save you a lot of headaches and get you the best house you can buy.

Contact us now and get your building inspections report within 24 hours!

Hiring a building inspector is always good news, or is it? Just like any profession, there are crooks and amateurs posing as professionals in Melbourne.

So how do you sniff out the fakes from the professional building inspectors? By asking questions that’ll send any pretender running. 

Questions will help clear any confusion you may have and also make who’s who clear.

If you’re having doubts about the building inspector you’re about to hire, here are some questions you should ask your Melbourne building inspector:

What Systems Do They Cover?


Building inspectors usually assess all the electrical, mechanical, and HVAC system of a building. 

The electrical systems account for the wiring in a Melbourne building and things like the lighting. The electrical system guarantees that the building is properly wired. 

The mechanical system covers things like plumbing, roofing, doors, etc. Basically, how functional the Melbourne system is. The plumbing of a home is one of the most important features, so it has to be top-notch. If your building inspector doesn’t check out the functionality of your roofing and key systems, you should move on.

The HVAC system stands for the heating and ventilating system of the home or building you want to buy. How well does air enter your home, and can you set up an air conditioner without stress? 

Are Pest Inspections Involved?


Pest infestations are one of the major things that can affect the life span of a Melbourne building. Termites can weaken the foundation of a home and can eat into the roofing system. Before you know it, water is leaking into your home despite the good state of your roof.

Any building inspector you employ has to cover pest inspections of your home. And even if they don’t cover it, they should be able to call in professional pest control to take a look. If you don’t see any provision for a pest inspection, move to another building inspector. 

Premium pre-purchase inspections sniff out all existing and potential pest infections. So you can expect the full package when you employ us for your building inspections.

What Does Your Building Report Cover?


A building inspections report covers all the features, strengths, and weaknesses of the building inspected. 

For example, a building inspections report typically covers the roofing system, the windows, plumbing, stairs, sub-floor structure, flooring, structure, etc. It’s a thorough report that should tell you where a Melbourne building begins and when it ends.

The features we listed above are some of the basic things that should be included in an inspection report. If it doesn’t cover the above systems, you should look for another building inspector. 

You could ask to see a sample report, so you’ll know what to expect and how easy the report is to read. 

Along with that, you should ask how long it takes to get your building report. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than 3 days.

When premium pre-purchasing inspections do your inspections, you should expect the report back in 24 hours. No other building inspector in Melbourne can guarantee this. 

Ask your building inspector these questions to ascertain their thoroughness. Want thorough building reports? Contact Premium pre-purchasing reports.

Selling your home can be a frustrating experience if you tackle the task without the right tools. Getting your home looking its best to impress potential buyers is essential. There’s far much more to winning a buyer over. A guarantee for your home’s good condition and safe and reliable construction is what will genuinely earn potential buyers' trust.

It is why getting a building inspection is an essential step in selling your Melbourne property. By providing a transparent and trustworthy inspection report to potential buyers, you can give them peace of mind and finally close the sale.

How to Use Your Building Inspection to Sell Your Melbourne Home?

By presenting your building inspection report, you are establishing a vital thing: trust. Not only are you providing potential buyers with valuable information that can backup the real value of your home, but you are showing them that you are willing, to be honest, and transparent. It is invaluable to someone when it comes to making a sale.

As a seller, you must put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. When you purchase something, you want to be sure that your money is well spent. Most of all, you want reassurance that you are not being scammed and that you are protected from unwanted issues popping up unexpectedly. By opening up to your potential buyers through a pre-sell report, you can dismiss doubts about your property and create an environment of trust. It is why tearing down all trust and communication barriers can make selling your home much more straightforward.

Additionally, a pre-sell building inspection can help you bulletproof your property before it even goes on the market. If any issues are present, identifying them early is priceless.

When you receive your inspection report, any issues will come to your attention. That way, you can correct problems that need to be fixed before you start showing your home to potential buyers. It guarantees your home will be in the best shape possible, improving its value and making it easier to sell. Plus, potential buyers will find confidence in knowing that all things have been set right.

PPI Inspections Can Help You Sell Your Home

For several years PPI has been conducting thorough building inspections on Melbourne properties, helping clients sell and purchase homes. Our team of qualified experts will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your home, top to bottom. There are no details, big or small that can escape our inspector’s trained eye.

You can be sure that you will get all the information you need about your property. Best of all, our efficient services allow us to provide a report in a day. That way, you can get your building inspection report into your potential buyers’ hands in no time. We give you the tools to gain potential buyers’ trust and get your property in top selling shape.

Are you ready to sell your Melbourne property? Contact us and get your building inspection today.

Getting a building inspection is an essential part of the selling or purchasing process of a Melbourne property. With a complete report of what lies under the roof, you can identify problematic issues, big and small, before it's too late.

The ideal way to ensure you are getting all the information you need is by working with professional inspectors that are trained to evaluate every single aspect of a home. Taking risks with the quality of your home inspection is not a risk you want to take. A subpar infection report could result in future severe problems stemming from unidentified issues.

Save yourself potential trouble and hire only the best building inspectors for your Melbourne property sale or purchase. To know you've made the right choice, it is crucial you get to know your building inspector.

Here are some valid questions you can ask a building inspector to make sure you are working with a pro:

What is included in my Melbourne building inspection?

A dependable professional building inspector won't let you go into a property purchase without all the facts. A proper inspection report will include everything, from the most apparent structural aspects to the smallest details. No flaw should go unnoticed.

At PPI, you can be confident you are getting a complete property evaluation. Our inspectors will carefully evaluate your property from beneath the ground to the rooftops.

Can you offer clients any additional assistance with reports?

It is one thing being able to read over a report and another being able to understand it. In many cases, inspection reports can contain a variety of technical terms that can be confusing for the average homeowner. The use of confusing technical jargon will make your building inspection of no use for your Melbourne property.

Ideally, you want to work with an inspector that can provide additional guidance and walk you through the report. Having someone to answer your questions and provide possible solutions is invaluable.

What experience and qualifications do you have?

A property is a significant investment, so make sure you are trusting your valuable assets to the experts. Avoid unwelcome surprises and amateur reports. Its always best to confirm your inspector's experience and qualifications. At PPI, you'll work with registered pest and building inspectors with over 30 years' experience. You can be absolutely sure that you're in the right hands.

Without the right equipment, it can be near impossible to inspect the less visible components of a home, for example, what lies beneath the surface. Before hiring an inspector, confirm that he has all the right work tools to provide a full property assessment. At PPI, with an impressive equipment repertoire that includes moisture meters and infrared cameras, no issue can go unnoticed.

How soon can I get the report?

Nowadays, time is more valuable than ever. A day delay on your building inspection report can be late enough to lose your dream Melbourne home to a quicker buyer. It is why a quality inspection doesn't cut it. It has to be good, and it has to be fast. Before you find yourself in a stressful situation, make sure you confirm what your building inspector's work time frame is. With a PPI inspector, however, you don't have to worry. Get your inspection report within 24 hours.

What Is Covered In A Building Inspection?

When it comes time to purchase a new home or commercial property, it is highly essential that you use a pre-purchase property inspection service to avoid investing in nothing but a lemon! After all, there’s practically a no-refund policy when it comes to purchasing a new home with Australian Consumer Law only covering purchases of up to $40,000!

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we have over 30 years of industry experience and can ensure that you get all the facts about a property’s structural integrity before signing on the dotted line. Our reports are detailed and are accompanied by photographic evidence to ensure that you are making an educated investment choice.

To know what you should expect from one of our inspection reports, keep reading:

A Professional Inspection

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, our inspection team is made up of highly trained professionals who understand the workings of a building. Our team uses the latest inspection equipment such as infrared cameras, and we will even go places where other inspectors won’t – like in the roof and under the floor!

Detailed Reporting, Room By Room

With a Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection, you can expect nothing short of a highly detailed report. Our goal is to make things uncomplicated for you to understand and include clear photographs and assessments on all areas of the property, including:

Besides these, we will provide you with an overall assessment of the property’s condition, so you know what’s going on and whether it’s a property that is worth your investment exactly.

Receive Your Report Within 24-Hours Of Your Inspection!

With Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we understand how fast-paced the Melbourne property market can be. You find a home you love one minute, and the next minute it already has a sold sticker being put up. It’s because of this that we always provide you with your building inspection report within 24 hours of your inspection. It allows you to review the report and make a well-informed purchasing decision quickly.

If you’re looking for a first-class building inspection service in Melbourne, look no further than the Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection team today! With over 30 years of successful experience and a passion for excellence, you won’t be disappointed!

Call to book an appointment today!

The Best Time For A Building Inspection

Purchasing a new property is nothing short of exciting, but it can also be a time full of anxiety and stress. We get it; there’s so much to consider; bank loans, approvals, competing in the property market and organising a move – it can be easy for you to overlook a few things throughout the process.

However, there is one aspect that you should never overlook, and that is a building inspection. Think about this – you’re about to make one of the most significant financial investments in your life, and so it makes sense to ensure you are buying something that is worth your hard-earned money and won’t cause expensive headaches further down the line.

You may not know this, but a building inspection can do wonders for you throughout the process of purchasing a home. How? Well, invest in building inspection, and you can save yourself thousands! A professional building inspector will inspect the property and highlight areas of the home that are considered to be ‘defects’. This information is then noted down for you in your inspection report. From here you can make a well-informed purchasing decision.

But when is the best time to get a building inspection? At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we are here to help!

When Should You Get A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

If you’ve found the home you love and you want to place an offer, the best time to invest in a pre-purchase building inspection is before you place a bid or put in an offer. This way you will be able to get a professional opinion, identify any issues or defects within the property and make a well-informed purchasing decision should you choose to move forward.

Once you’ve signed anything committing to the purchase of the property, no matter what a building inspection says you are still required to purchase the home or property. So ensuring you are making the right decision beforehand with a building inspection is crucial!

Why Choose Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

At Premium Pre-Purchase building inspections we have over 30 years of industry experience. We have performed thorough building inspection services on all property types across Melbourne, so you can rest assured that we have the professionalism, knowledge and expertise to be able to provide you with an inspection service that is comprehensive and one you can trust!

We understand how fast moving the Melbourne property market is which is why we are committed to providing you with your detailed inspection report within 24 hours of your building inspection.

To find out more, be sure to visit our website or call to have a chat with a member of our ever-friendly team today!

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