Everything You Need to Know About House Inspections in Melbourne

House inspections in Melbourne are a necessary ritual before you buy a home. They are something you wouldn’t want to pass on because you need them on your side. Home inspections are every homeowner’s dream and the nightmare of shifty realtors. It limits and completely foils their attempts to sell defective buildings to homebuyers.

Before you set out on contracting a building inspector, you need to know some things to be aware of all the due processes involved. It’s not a lot, but to be on the safe side, here’s everything you need to know about house inspections.

Finding an inspector

The first thing you should know is that the building inspector is on your side. They aren’t with you to side with the realtor; they’re with you to clear your doubts. If you say you want a building inspector and the realtor recommends one to you, don’t hire. They’re most likely not on your side and won’t reveal any of the house’s flaws.

Only hire independent building inspectors that you find after extensive research. You’ll be presented with a quote before the house inspection commences because they start working from the moment they get to the Melbourne property. After you’ve found an inspector with an agreeable quote, you’ll set up a date on which they’ll come in to inspect.

The inspector will tell you how long the inspection will take- it shouldn’t take too long- and when you should expect a quote. All these are covered before you get to the property, so you can know what to expect. Once you reach the intended property, the inspection commences.

External evaluation

There’s a limit to where house inspections can reach or get to in a property; usually, restrictions are imposed on homes. The exterior of the property is checked; how well are the walls holding home? Does the structure or foundation look strong? Inspectors are well-trained and experienced in detecting flaws with buildings, so they can get a lot of information with a single look.

The home’s drainage, gutter, and roofing system are all inspected to see how water drains from the house. All these systems and more are examined to check potential flaws affecting the building’s structural integrity.

Internal inspections

The internal inspection is extremely thorough because of the many systems found in a home. The walls, kitchen, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems of the house are inspected. Your building inspector will enter many spaces and sections in the home to ensure they fit in with Australian standards.

Pests are also checked for; they’re major problems in every home. Pest infestations or signs of one are checked.


This is the end result of house inspections. A report that outlines every issue and strength the Melbourne property has is given to you. From here, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether you’d want to carry on with purchasing the home.

The house inspections process shouldn’t take more than 24 hours; at least it doesn’t with Premium pre-purchase inspections. You’ll get your report within 24 hours of the inspection. Would you like us to inspect your property? Contact us, and we’d set up a date.