Our building inspectors Melbourne can prepare a detailed and accurate cost estimate report on any renovation, building or repair work.

Building Inspection reports are different from cost estimate reports when dealing with the rectification of defects. Prices for remedial works should not be attached to the Building Inspection Report found during a pre-purchase inspection.

Why? – For transparency.

  • It is unfair and inaccurate to give an estimate to you the client without further detailed investigation and analysis of a particular defect. A cost estimate report enables us to fully calculate and convey to you the nature of the defect before remedial actions are agreed.
  • In the Australian Standard for pre purchase inspections, there is a specific recommendation against the practice of inclusion of prices on the inspection report.
  • The trades-people assigned to undertake the remedial works will provide the real cost of the actual job, and there can be significant differences depending on the difficulty and scope of the job.

A Cost Estimate Report is a special purpose document for when accurate and detailed costings are required for remedial or additional building work.

Talk to our experienced building inspector to provide itemised cost estimates based on our deep industry knowledge of pricing works and  trade experience.

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    Our Services Include

    Defects found upon inspection that need addressing immediately:

    •   Safety hazards that require urgent attention
    •   Major defects that require professional help due to extensive damage
    •   Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance
    •   Anything we feel is need for concern

    Most Common Defects:

    • Dampness Issues
    •   Termite Infestation
    •   Fire Hazards
    •   Poor External Surface Drainage
    •   Damaged Roof Sheets Or Tiles
    •   Safety Switches
    •   Leaking Showers & Baths
    •   Smoke Detectors
    •   Major & Minor Wall Cracks
    •   Subsiding Foundations
    •   Defective Gutters
    •   Decayed Boundary Fences
    • Tree Root Damage
    •   Safety & Electrical Hazards
    •   Bouncy & Uneven Floors
    •   Leaking Hot Water Units
    •   Non Compliant Downlight’s
    •   Active Water Leaks
    •   Salt Damp
    •   Brick & Mortar Deterioration
    •   Subfloor Ventilation
    •   Damp Proof Course
    •   And Much More
    Building Inspection

    During a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection we inspect:

    • Interior of the building
    • Exterior of the building
    • Ceilings
    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Windows and Window Frames
    • Doors and Door Frames
    • Plastering
    • Painting
    • Bathrooms, En-suites, Kitchen, Laundry, WC
    • Stairs
    • Balustrades and Handrails
    • Toilets
    • Baths
    • Shower recess
    • Basins
    • Taps
    • Bench tops
    • Cabinets
    • Tiling
    • Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings
    • Hot Water Units
    • Rising Damp
    • Moisture in wet areas
    • Roof space framing structures
    • Roof coverings
    • Gutters
    • Skylights
    • Vents and Flues
    • Flashings
    • Valleys
    • Eaves
    • Fascias and Barges
    • Downpipes
    • Insulation
    • Downlight safety
    • Sarking
    • Subfloor supports
    • Ventilation
    • Drainage
    • Piers
    • Exterior walls including Cladding
    • Lintels
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Pergolas
    • Decking
    • Patios
    • Balconies
    • With in 30m of the house and within the boundaries of the site
    • Fencing
    • Retaining walls
    • Paths
    • Driveways and water drainage
    • Garages
    • Sheds
    • Detached Laundry