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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Building Inspection?

Get The Most Out Of Your Building Inspection

Buying a new Melbourne property is a huge milestone for a buyer, no matter how experienced they may be in the real estate market. Like anyone, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment and the many costs that come with it.

Many buyers mistakenly feel that investing in a building inspection is an unnecessary cost. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With Australian consumer law only protecting purchases of up to $40,000, a professional building inspection can save you thousands before committing to such a significant investment.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, we believe in providing our clients with the ultimate value. That’s why we’ve listed the potential issues one of our building inspections will identify and ways to make the most of your building inspection.


What Will We Look Out For In Your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?


Unreliable Building

If you’re looking at a property that already has an existing dwelling, the chances are that you didn’t have any say in the building process or the company or people that built it. Unfortunately, some builders can cut corners resulting in less than impressive work, which can lead to larger problems further down the line.

Our team know strictly what to look for and will be able to identify any dodgy building techniques that would usually be hidden to the naked eye.


Structural Damages

At Premium Pre-purchase Inspections, our building inspection services will be able to identify any weaknesses a home may have. Things such as uneven foundations, poor workmanship and pests are all factors that can contribute to a building being structurally unsound, which can result in an unsafe place to live.

Our building inspections will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve throughout the purchasing journey. We will highlight major and minor defects on the property and provide you with a detailed building inspection report within one day of your inspection.


How Can You Make The Most Out of Your Building Inspection?


Negotiate a Better Price

With our detailed building inspection report, you can identify major and minor issues with the property, budget for repairs and adjust your offer or bid to suit. This could result in you getting the house of your dreams much cheaper!


Attend Your Inspection and Ask Questions and Advice

We always advise that our clients attend their building inspection if possible. This gives them the opportunity to make the most out of the inspection by seeing defects first-hand and asking any burning questions you may have straight away!  


Looking For a Professional Melbourne Building Inspection?

If you’re in need of a building inspection for a potential Melbourne property, look no further than the team at Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections today!

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