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Here's How A Pre-Sale Property Inspection Will Help You Sell Your Home!

How Can A Pre-Sale Property Inspection Help Sell My Home?

When it comes to purchasing a house, everyone always warns you to get a building inspection. But what about when you’re selling your home? Should you get one then?

The answer is yes! Investing in a professional building inspection either a few months prior or just before you place your house on the market can help you achieve the best price!

At Premium Pre Purchase Building Inspections, we have been providing the residents of Melbourne and Victoria with first-class pre-sale building inspections for years! Our pre-sale building inspection service helps homeowners prepare their homes before the sale to achieve the best possible price!

To learn more about the ways a pre-sale building inspection will help you get more for your investment, keep reading:


Gives You the Opportunity to Make Changes

When one of our professional building inspectors completes a building inspection on your Melbourne property, you will receive an in-depth and detailed building inspection report. This report will outline areas of the home that have defects, both major and minor. Your building inspection report will also come with a list of recommended trades that we feel will be able to provide you with services to fix the problem.

From here you will be able to decide whether investing a little bit more into your home before the sale is worth it to get an even higher return! Things such as leaking taps and peeling paint are all quick fixes but will add significant value to your property when the time comes to place it on the market.


Places Confidence in the Buyer

By investing in pre-sale building inspection, you are showing the potential buyer that you are transparent and have nothing to hide. Too often homeowners are led to believe that a home has minimal problems, however, after moving in are met with a few expensive surprises!

Presenting your building inspection report to potential buyers could also lead to trust being established and therefore, a much quicker sale! Win!


Get the Best Price for Your Home!

As previously mentioned, a pre-sale building inspection can give you the opportunity to make a few changes which can lead to you achieving the best sale price.

When selling your home, getting the most money for your investment is the primary objective, so investing in a pre-sale building inspection from a professional building inspector could be the best money you’ve ever spent!


First-Class Building Inspections!

To find out more about how a pre-sale building inspection can help you when it comes time to put your home on the market, give the team at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections a call today, or book online!

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