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How a Pre-purchase Building Inspection Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Investment!

Make The Most Out Of Your Investment With A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

It’s an incredibly exciting time when making potentially the most significant investment of your life in a home. If there’s one thing that can spoil this magical moment, it’s skipping out on a pre-purchase building inspection.

When buying an old car, you’d be wise to hire a mechanic to make sure everything is in working order, the same goes for buying a property. Huge investments can have significant consequences if the correct measures aren’t taken to dodge huge, avoidable costs.

That’s where Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections comes in. Our qualified and expert team, with over 30 years of industry experience, are trained to identify pertinent issues that can provide you with bargaining power and prevent you from misplacing your dollars.

Locate Problem Areas

Our comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections, identify defects of all kinds and relay these findings to you in a complete report. We will then be happy to discuss with you any areas of the reports and provide you with expert advice.

All of our detailed reports include pictures for a quick review and conclusive evidence of areas of interest. You can determine the significance of these issues and whether or not they are deal breakers if you are buying or worth fixing if you’re selling!

Create Buying Trust

The report that we provide you can be shared with potential buyers if you are selling to give them peace of mind that the property they are interested in is worth the money! Professional reports create trust with buyers as they know you have invested into an inspection and are serious about transparency.

Pre-purchase building inspections can sharpen buying interest, push the sale price up and result in quicker sales. Call PPI and organise your pre-purchase building inspection today!

Get the Best Price

Whether you are buying or selling, a pre-purchase building inspection is well worth it if you want to get the best possible price for your investment. The dedicated team at PPI will provide you with sound advice and reports to make sure you see a financial benefit.

If you’re selling your property, a building inspection report that shows very little in the way of damage or problem areas will allow you to ask for a more substantial selling price. Conversely, if there are ample concerns regarding structure, then you can inquire whether it’s financially viable to fix these before you sell.

When buying a property, a pre-purchase building inspection can give you the upper hand in negotiations can give you the power to ask for a lower selling price. Like you would point out a ding when purchasing a second-hand car, fundamental issues in a home should command a lesser amount.

Pre-purchase building inspections can also give you that peace of mind that your dream home is in great shape and won’t require too much work once bought.

The reasons above should convince you there is no wrong time for a pre-purchase building inspection so don’t wait, give the friendly team a call and organise yours today!

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