How Do Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Protect The Buyer?

Why A Pre-purchase Property Inspection Is So Important

When buying a property, for most it can be a daunting experience. It is the fear of the unknown that gets homebuyers in a panic, and with Australian Consumer Protection Law only covering purchases of up to $40,000 it’s understandable. Once you sign for a property it’s solely your responsibility.

Hence why it makes sense that you want to obtain as much security and background knowledge as possible when making such a significant financial investment. A pre-purchase building inspection is the perfect way to do this and at Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, we can help!

We have been serving the residents of Melbourne with first-class, professional and thorough pre-purchase building inspections for over 30 years, saving them thousands of dollars in repairs and providing them with the peace of mind they deserve throughout the buying process. We’ve listed a few aspects that we identify in one of our pre-purchase building inspection services that could save you a considerable amount of money!

Dodgy Building

Sometimes people don’t do things the way they should, and unfortunately, the construction industry is no exception. If you’re looking to purchase an established property, chances are you had nothing to do with the construction process, and therefore you had no say in the professionals that completed the job. While that is entirely out of your control, it can prove to be a problematic issue in the future if the tradesmen carried out work that doesn’t comply with Australian standards. This is where our pre-purchase building inspections come in.

Our years of industry experience translates to a pre-purchase building inspection team that can successfully and efficiently identify where trades may have gone wrong. A skilled inspector can determine whether or not it affects a property’s value or if the homes structural integrity is compromised and if repairs are required.


If a property has any identified water damage, it can not only cause havoc with the home’s materials; it can also lead to the frustrating invasion of termites. When timber in a home’s structure comes in contact with water, it creates the perfect feasting ground for termites, and you’re effectively serving up the little pests a costly, five-course meal.
However, making the smart decision to invest in a pre-purchase building inspection with an additional pest inspection can save you significantly in years to come!

A termite infestation can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, and in extreme cases can result in a home being deemed uninhabitable. Because of the risks that termites present for both your health and your property, we advise that you complete a pre-purchase pest inspection before moving in and continually once every two years.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, our team of expert inspectors are also professionally trained in completing pest inspections, providing you with not only peace of mind, but also preventing you from making a costly investment.

Budget for Repairs

At Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections, we understand that the real estate market is not only competitive but also extremely fast-paced. That’s why you can expect your inspection report within 24 hours of inspection completion. This will provide you with adequate time to assess the report, decide budget in repair work and provide you with much-needed leverage when negotiating a sale price.

Protect Yourself And Your Investment – Call the Professionals Today!

No homeowner wants to move into the house of their dreams, only to realise it’s riddled with expenses. That’s why investing in a pre-purchase property inspection is so important. A pre-purchase building inspection almost acts as a buyer’s insurance. If you’re looking to buy, make the right investment choice and call Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections today!