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How To Prepare For A Building Inspection!

Building inspections are quite a crucial part of selling or buying any Melbourne property. With an inspection, the buyer and the seller protect their interests and keep property transaction processes honest and transparent. Even better, building inspections can help you get a better deal on your Melbourne residential or business property acquisition or sale.

A great deal of what makes a Melbourne building inspection valuable is the quality of the service. Expert and qualified inspectors and modern equipment play a significant part in the results you’ll get. The more detailed the information you get and the clearer it's explained, the better! However, depending on how prepared you are, you can also make your Melbourne building inspection more or less effective.

Since building inspections can have a considerable impact on property transactions, preparing your property for inspection should not be a task that’s taken lightly. Plus, you should consider that you’ll have to pay for your building inspection services. Being adequately prepared means getting the most out of your money. Failing to do so, on the other hand, can represent dollars down the drain.

If you are having your Melbourne building inspected soon, here are some of the things you can do beforehand to get ready:


Take Care Of Small Issues That Are Easy to Fix Beforehand!

Have you noticed a leaky faucet in the residential property you are selling? What about any missing door or cabinet handles? Small issues like this one take nearly no time or effort to fix. And getting to them beforehand can really work in your favour!

When the inspector visits the property, they will thoroughly and honestly evaluate it. That means that everything they see, they will report. Yes, everything, including the small, trivial stuff. Sure, minor defects might not concern you. But do you want your potential buyers to receive long lists full of all the tiny defects in your property? They might be small, but seen all together, they can genuinely add up. This can end up scaring buyers away.

Thankfully, this is easy and almost always cheap to avoid. Just fix these little details before your Melbourne building inspection rolls around.


Make Your Home Obstacle Free

Try to make the inspection process as easy as possible for your inspector. Sure, building inspectors will develop a thorough evaluation of your home either way. But, by making your home as accessible as possible, you can really simplify the process. This means removing the clutter from every room, but it also includes the exteriors. Try to clear away as much of the stuff crowding the perimeter of your home before an inspection. This allows inspectors to gather all the essential information on your property way more efficiently!


Clean. Clean. Clean.

Sure, the cleanliness of your home or business property might not be part of your evaluation. However, it does speak much about how committed you are to take good care of your home. Plus, in many cases, pictures are taken during inspections. Such images might be included in reports that eventually make their way to potential buyers. Don’t risk presenting your home at its worst state! With a quick clean-up, you can make a better impression.


Get Ready For Your Building Inspection

Now you are finally ready to book that Melbourne building inspection! What are you waiting for? With PPI, you can get an inspection within 24 hours and receive a same-day report! Contact us for more information at 0412 515 498.

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