How to Prepare for a Building Inspection

Building Inspections

A building that looks very good on the surface could have a lot of hidden defects and pressing issues. If you are planning on selling your property in Melbourne soon, our building inspection service could help you sell it faster and for a higher price. If every aspect of your building were up to standard, our report would make your potential buyers more confident. If not you will have the opportunity to rectify any issues before selling.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we inspect every visible or hidden aspect of your Melbourne building to detect the issues, defects, problems and potential problems that exist in it. Through our building inspection, we determine where these problems exist and to what extent. We then advise how they should be fixed and how much it will cost. The causes of the issues and their consequences are also uncovered in our building inspection report.

For a building inspection to go smoothly, there should not be any distractions or accessibility issues for the inspector.

Open Access Inside

The inspector should have easy access throughout the building, especially the critical areas, like the water heater, air conditioning units, under sinks and attic door.

You should make sure no doors are locked, and no areas are blocked off. If a particular area was not included in the report, because the inspector could not reach it, this will raise a red flag for your potential buyers. Also, you will not know if this area of your Melbourne building contains any problems that need your attention.

Clear the Exterior

The inspector will not only need access to the interior grounds of your Melbourne building. The exterior area around the building needs to get inspected as well. That is why it should also be cleared of any trash cans or stored items.

Replace Burned Out Bulbs

To the building inspector, a non-functioning bulb can be an indicator of two scenarios: either the bulb itself is burned out, or there is an electrical problem. It will waste some time for the inspector to investigate further to determine the real cause.

Label the Fuse Box

Identifying the different fuses in a fuse box could be confusing and frustrating for both you and the building inspector. Make sure to label each switch in the box correctly and remove any incorrect labels.  

Inspection Day Preparations

To make the building inspection day go as smoothly as possible, you should keep all utilities on and unlock any gates or any other areas you usually keep secured or locked.

Inspectors usually arrive early, so try to be ready a couple of hours before the agreed inspection time. Prepare to vacate your building during the inspection. If you cannot do that, then at least keep your children and pets out of the way.  

After the inspection, it is essential you read the report carefully. Our professional team at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections are glad to answer all of your questions and concerns. Call us to book your building inspection in Melbourne now!