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How to Prepare for Your Building Inspection!

Once you hire a building inspector, you'll get your dream building. Or you are getting your money's value if you're selling your property.

But you'll have to set some things up, so the inspection goes as smoothly as possible. Different buildings and realtors have different rules. So, you'll need to have some things in order before calling the inspector.

If you don't prepare well, you may delay the building inspections, leading to extra costs. Or you may violate the rules of a building and end up not getting the Melbourne home you want. To properly prepare for building inspections, you have to:


Ensure there's access

Before you can have building inspections done, the Melbourne building has to be open. You must ensure the realtor can let you in the property at the right time. To ensure everything goes according to plan, call the realtor before giving your inspector a date.

Tell the realtor to open up the premises before you get there. Some home sellers prefer to be present during inspections to ensure nothing is tampered with. Before contacting the inspector, ensure you've gotten everything out of the way. You don't want any delays.

If you're selling your property, you need to make sure it's open and that you're present. The inspector will show things in your home that need repairs, and you must see them. Unfortunately, some defects are invisible until they're pointed out.



Realtors usually show you the utilities of a house to prove they're working. Typically, an empty property's electrical and plumbing systems are turned off. So before you inspect, tell the seller to turn on all the systems.

The inspector will test most of the building facilities to ensure they work. So, for example, he will examine the HVAC system to ensure it's functioning properly. If the realtor is shady, they could purposely leave the systems turned off during the inspections.

And that's another reason you should look for transparency when purchasing a property. If the seller hesitates about inspections, it's a sign they have something to hide. 

You'll also have to do the same when you're selling your property. You should do a test run before calling the inspector. So, check if all the systems of your home are working. Because if the inspector points them out in front of the buyer, it could shed you in a bad light.


Have documentation

To endear yourself to your buyer, you must keep all your documents. For example, receipts of things you fixed in your home recently. The prospective buyer will be more interested when you fix things around the home.

When doing the inspections, ask the realtor for the necessary documents. The building inspector would be better at verifying how valid it is.

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