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How to Prepare for Your Building Inspection

It is believed that the best way to get a new house is to build one from scratch because it allows you to include personalised features. Of course, there’s some truth in it. But it does not write off the fact that you can acquire a befitting home through purchase. 

Buying a house is very beneficial because it saves you a lot of trouble by offering you what you want with minimal stress. However, buying a house is often a tricky task that can lead you to pay loads of money for a house that is not worth half its value. This is an unpleasant situation you would not want to end up with, so it is a good thing you can avoid it. 

Thanks to pre-purchase building inspection, you can now ensure you get the correct value for your money when purchasing properties and buildings. 

Hiring expert building inspectors is an excellent way to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne. This article will explain the concept of pre-purchase building inspection and how to prepare for it.


What is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection? 

A pre-purchase building inspection is carried out on new and old properties to assess their value before purchase. It is similar to a test drive but only valid for buildings. It is also slightly different from a pre-sale inspection by homeowners intending to sell. 

Pre-purchase inspections aim at calculating the property’s worth by assessing the quality of the house, repairable and unrepairable damages, and durability of the house. Some inspections include pest damage and controllable measures affecting the property’s worth.


Preparing For A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection 

The benefits of pre-purchase inspections are enough to convince any buyer. However, it would be wrong to initiate this assessment with proper preparations. Here are some expert tips to prepare you for a pre-purchase building inspection. 

  • Higher Expert Inspectors: Building Inspectors do not charge a fixed price, and their rates may differ. Hence, you may be tempted to settle for a cheaper option. However, the price factor should not be the primary consideration, as you would save more by hiring an expert for the task. You can opt for excellent and reputable companies to assist with your inspection. 
  • Ask Questions: Regardless of how vast you are on the topic, you can not know it all. Therefore, you are encouraged to ask plenty of questions of your Inspector before the inspection. You can learn more from them; your questions can help them find missing pieces. 
  • Attend the Inspection: As a prospective buyer, you are expected to attend the pre-purchase inspection. This may not be compulsory, but an extra pair of eyes may be useful. Also, you know what you want in your house, and you can pick up a thing or two from watching the experts. 



A pre-purchase building inspection is not an option as most people think. However, it is a critical step for purchasing a building. This article has highlighted the concept of pre-purchase inspections and how to prepare for them. Do you want experts to carry out this inspection for you? Premium Pre Purchase Building Inspectors are your best bet in Melbourne.

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