I’m Buying a Brand New Property, Do I Still Need a Building Inspection?

Building Inspections

The Importance Of Investing In A Building Inspection

When it comes to buying a new home or property, many unknown risks can happen with any real estate purchase. With Australian consumer law only protecting investments of up to $40,000, when you buy a property, it is best to take all measures to ensure you are purchasing a property that is worth your investment. The best way to go about this is to invest in staged building inspection.

However, what happens when you’re building a new home? We get it; you’re thinking that your builder will be following all Australian building regulations, never skip corners and will ensure that everything is handed over to you in working order.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. As a result, the cost of your build can be blown entirely out of proportion because of the amount of money that has to be spent fixing defects. However, there is a way to avoid all this, and that is to invest in a first-rate building inspection!

Here at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we have been helping the residents of Melbourne ensure their new builds are up to scratch with our staged building inspection services. With years of experience and industry knowledge, we will inspect your new home at various stages throughout your build to meet all Australian building requirements.

Why Staged Building Inspections Are So Important!

When you build a home, if something goes wrong it can often result in a domino effect – one thing goes wrong, and it can affect various other stages throughout your entire building process.

While deciding to build a new home is exciting, it is highly essential that you include professional building inspections into your budget because overall, this has the potential to save you time and money.

Why Choose Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

With Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we will complete a staged building inspection at every significant phase of your home’s construction process. Our inspectors are well-experienced professionals that have been in the industry for years, providing you with peace of mind and the security knowing that your build project is constructed to comply with current Australian Building Standards and that your build is running smoothly.

We will inspect everything from the footings and the slab right through to the final walk through, allowing you to move into your new home with the ultimate confidence.

If you’re looking for a first-class staged building inspection service for your new home, look no further than the team at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections! With years of experience and a passion for excellence, you’re in the right hands. Call today!