Is Investing in A Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Worth it?

Bayside Building Inspection

Investing in A Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

When it comes to purchasing a new Bayside property, it should be an exciting milestone for you. However, along with the excitement comes feelings of stress as well as a multitude of things to take care of.

This is an expensive time, and at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Bayside, we find that this is a time where people tend to cut things out that feel may be an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, more often than not this tends to mean that they skip out on getting a professional building inspection on their potential Bayside property.

A Premium Pre-Purchase building inspection can save you thousands when it comes to buying a property that could potentially be filled with costly defects. At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Bayside, we aim to make your buying process less stressful. One of our professional building inspections will help you to identify any problems that may cost you money in the near future, here’s how:

Structural Issues

Your Bayside building inspector will be able to highlight any weaknesses within the structure of the home. Factors such as poor workmanship, uneven foundations or damages from pests are all factors that can contribute to compromising a property’s structural integrity.

Our Bayside pre-purchase building inspections will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve throughout your buying process.

Dodgy Builders

If you are purchasing a property that is already established, there’s a good chance that you had nothing to do with the home’s construction. It could be that the trades that built your home carried out work that was less than desirable, which in turn can present problems.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Bayside, our team will be able to identify any issues that may present problems with the home’s structural integrity and if it requires repair work.

Termites and Other Pests

Most building inspections don’t offer pest inspections as an additional service. At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Bayside, we offer our clients both!

This is a fantastic way to make the most out of your building inspection service. Using specialist knowledge and equipment, our team will inspect the property for the presence of termites, any damages and any aspects of the home that may encourage the presence of termites in the future.  

Save Money On Your Final Offer

When you invest in a pre-purchase building inspection on a Bayside property, you give yourself potential leverage when it comes to bargaining for a better price.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we provide all of our clients with a comprehensive inspection report within 24 hours. This allows you budget for repairs, show any potential defects to the owners and negotiate a better price!

We think the choice is clear! When it comes to buying a new property in Bayside, a pre-purchase building inspection should be high on your priority list. Protect your property investment and call the Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections team today!