Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale!

Are you ready to sell your home? With the right prep and a quality building inspection, selling your Melbourne home couldn’t be easier. Before you list your property on the market, make sure you are taking all the right steps for the best selling experience.

The Art of Selling Your Melbourne Property

There’s a wide variety of factors that influence the time frame and success of a house sale. Pricing, location, property-specific perks and condition are all major influencing factors. Assessing what your biggest sale pitches are as essential. Anything that makes your home more attractive, even in a small way, can work in your favour.

It’s simple logic, the more your property can offer, the more desirable it will be. On the same note, anything that could pose a problem for the buyer might sway them in the opposite direction. Hence, identifying potential turn-offs and working to minimize them is also essential. Always remember that no matter what your home looks like right now, you can still do something to make it more appealing and easier to sell.

When it comes to determining how to sell your property as quickly as possible, think about the following:

What would you look for if you were to purchase a new property?
What pros can your property provide to potential buyers?
What would strengthen your trust in the seller and your decision to purchase?
What would be a property deal-breaker?

Basic Home Sale Prep

Want your home to sell? Make your property as valuable as possible before putting it on the market! The worst thing you can do is try to sell without proper preparation. Even if your budget is tight, small cost-friendly fixes can help your home sell. Repairs won’t just save you time, but money by scoring you a better amount of money for your property.

Promote your home at its best! Before showing your home, make sure to remove all personal touches, get everything clean and repair instantly evident damages. These small efforts go a great way towards impressing buyers. Make sure you exhibit your home with tasteful and minimal décor, neutral colours and no clutter. Deal with anything that might distract attention or detract value before it causes you trouble.

Why Prove Your Melbourne Property’s Worth With a Building Inspection?

It’s a fact: every buyer is looking for a smart investment. Nobody wants to purchase a house that will require severe and expensive damage control or that is full of hidden issues. At least not for a fair amount.

In turn, to be an effective salesman, you must show potential buyers the real value of investing in your property. Most importantly, you should convince prospective buyers that your property is worth their money. You can gain buyers’ trust not only by getting your home in its best shape but by being transparent about its condition. A third party evaluation vouching for the first state of your home can work wonders to getting your home sold at max speed.

A Pre-Sale Building Inspection Can Help You Earn Trust and Sell Your Melbourne Home!

Proving the damage and pest free state of your property can translate into several dollars in your Melbourne home sale. Plus, once potential buyers are confident in your properties worth, selling it will be a breeze! By just investing a few hundred dollars in a Melbourne building inspection, you can get better value for your property and help it sell faster.

At Premium Purchase Inspections, you can get a complete and thorough property inspection within 24 hours and with same-day reports! All of our inspectors are experienced registered builders. Working with the latest technology, they can provide all the information you need and more! As if that wasn’t enough, our team will walk you through every piece of the report. Never feel stuck with a bunch of technical information you can’t understand again! At PPI, we are there for you every step of the way. With our building inspections, your Melbourne home sale will be headed for success!