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Purchasing Property in 2024? Protect Yourself With a Premium Building Inspection Service!

Searching for a new Melbourne home is an exciting journey. Yet it is also a huge investment. That is why you need to protect it with the help of an experienced building inspector. The Melbourne building of your dreams can look perfect on the outside. 

Unfortunately, underneath the surface, there could be a huge disappointment. Only a professional Melbourne building inspector can give you a deep, objective look at the house. 

At Premium Pre Purchase Building Inspections (PPI), we have over 30 years of experience in Melbourne inspections. You get one of Melbourne's top building inspectors when you work with us. Here is how our building inspectors can help you make a sound property investment:


Uncover Hidden Issues

Unlike many other Melbourne building inspectors, we go below the surface. Our experienced building inspectors check everything thoroughly. We get under the floor and over the roof. So, no aspect of the Melbourne building gets left behind. 

We have seen it all as a registered Melbourne builder and pest inspector with many years of experience. You can rely on our building inspectors to discover dodgy coverups or hidden issues. Our inspection report will include problems with the building that can develop over time. 

We use cutting-edge equipment to help our Melbourne building inspectors perform their job effectively. From infrared cameras to moisture metres, our building inspectors show up well-prepared. So, you can tell if this Melbourne property is a smart investment or a money pit. 


Ensure Building Safety

Moving into a Melbourne home with huge structural damage will put your family at significant risk. Our reliable building inspectors can help you evaluate the safety of any property. These include revealing if the Melbourne building contains dangerous materials, such as asbestos or mould. Our building inspector will report any possible electrical fire hazards. 


Estimate Needed Repair Costs

No property is perfect. An experienced Melbourne building inspector will indeed find something here and there that needs repairing. The question is, how much would these repairs cost? 

That is exactly what our Melbourne building inspection report will tell you. Even the expected repair costs for minor issues will be included. Our building inspectors will also report on the estimated ongoing maintenance costs of the Melbourne property. 


Gain Negotiation Power

After the building inspection in Melbourne is complete, you should expect a comprehensive report in no more than 24 hours. It includes all the findings of the inspectors as well as photos. The report will serve as a document that helps you get a better deal on the Melbourne property. 

Before signing on the dotted line, you can request that the seller handle the necessary repairs. Another option is to deduct the estimated repair costs from the asking price. In all cases, our Melbourne building inspectors will help you save money on your property purchase. 

Secure your Melbourne property investment. Contact our building inspectors today!

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