Questions You Need To Ask Your Melbourne Building Inspector

Hiring a building inspector is always good news, or is it? Just like any profession, there are crooks and amateurs posing as professionals in Melbourne.

So how do you sniff out the fakes from the professional building inspectors? By asking questions that’ll send any pretender running. 

Questions will help clear any confusion you may have and also make who’s who clear.

If you’re having doubts about the building inspector you’re about to hire, here are some questions you should ask your Melbourne building inspector:

What Systems Do They Cover?


Building inspectors usually assess all the electrical, mechanical, and HVAC system of a building. 

The electrical systems account for the wiring in a Melbourne building and things like the lighting. The electrical system guarantees that the building is properly wired. 

The mechanical system covers things like plumbing, roofing, doors, etc. Basically, how functional the Melbourne system is. The plumbing of a home is one of the most important features, so it has to be top-notch. If your building inspector doesn’t check out the functionality of your roofing and key systems, you should move on.

The HVAC system stands for the heating and ventilating system of the home or building you want to buy. How well does air enter your home, and can you set up an air conditioner without stress? 

Are Pest Inspections Involved?


Pest infestations are one of the major things that can affect the life span of a Melbourne building. Termites can weaken the foundation of a home and can eat into the roofing system. Before you know it, water is leaking into your home despite the good state of your roof.

Any building inspector you employ has to cover pest inspections of your home. And even if they don’t cover it, they should be able to call in professional pest control to take a look. If you don’t see any provision for a pest inspection, move to another building inspector. 

Premium pre-purchase inspections sniff out all existing and potential pest infections. So you can expect the full package when you employ us for your building inspections.

What Does Your Building Report Cover?


A building inspections report covers all the features, strengths, and weaknesses of the building inspected. 

For example, a building inspections report typically covers the roofing system, the windows, plumbing, stairs, sub-floor structure, flooring, structure, etc. It’s a thorough report that should tell you where a Melbourne building begins and when it ends.

The features we listed above are some of the basic things that should be included in an inspection report. If it doesn’t cover the above systems, you should look for another building inspector. 

You could ask to see a sample report, so you’ll know what to expect and how easy the report is to read. 

Along with that, you should ask how long it takes to get your building report. Typically, it shouldn’t take more than 3 days.

When premium pre-purchasing inspections do your inspections, you should expect the report back in 24 hours. No other building inspector in Melbourne can guarantee this. 

Ask your building inspector these questions to ascertain their thoroughness. Want thorough building reports? Contact Premium pre-purchasing reports.