Should I Still Buy a House if a Building Inspector Says No?

No, you shouldn’t buy a house if a building inspector says no. Building inspectors are as knowledgeable as builders, if not more because of the years of experience they’ve had inspecting.

If a business inspector takes their time to inspect a building for you and deems the house unworthy, you should trust their decision. The business inspector gains nothing from you not buying the house, so you can’t say they’re saying no because of any selfish reasons.

They most likely saw many problems that could affect you if you choose to live in that house. So here are some dire reasons why a building inspector can say you shouldn’t buy a house.

Weak Foundation

The foundation of a house determines its overall quality. A solid foundation is one thing building inspectors look for in a home because it increases the life span of a home and makes it stronger. In addition, you won’t need to have many repairs done or consider moving out of the house with a strong foundation.

Sadly, weak foundations are more common than solid foundations, but it’s never visible to the untrained eye. A house can look perfect outside and be a wreck underneath. A weak foundation is one of the significant reasons a building inspector can tell you not to buy a house.

Houses with weak foundations will put you at a loss because you’ll have to spend a ton on repairs and consider moving out soon.

Poor Roofing System

The roofing system of a house is one of the essential systems of a home. A bad roof will lead to leaks that can destroy your furniture and valuables. A flawed roofing system will also peel off the painting and wall of the house eventually.

Another thing a poor roofing system can do is destroy the foundation of a home due to the water that keeps dripping down to it. As with every flaw of a home, you won’t notice or detect it if you’re untrained.

However, it’ll be easy for a building inspector to detect all the defects in the house you’ve set your eyes on.

Faulty Home Systems

The critical systems of a house are the; electrical system, plumbing system, and heating and ventilation system.

The electrical system ensures that every area of the home is well wired, and there’s no naked wire or bad wiring that can lead to sparks. The plumbing system provides that a house’s drainage and gutter system is top-notch, and there’s water in every room of the house.

Lastly, we have the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the house. The HVAC system ensures that it’s well ventilated, and you can get air conditioning in your home. Imagine if you couldn’t have air conditioning during the summer because of your house’s defects.

A building inspector will check out all these things and more as they affect your experience in the house. For a building inspector to say you shouldn’t buy a home means the house falls short of every requirement.

For thorough inspections, come to premium pre-purchase building inspections. After our assessments, you’ll get a detailed report outlining every feature, strength, and defect of the house.

Contact us so you’ll not buy a house you’ll regret.