The Importance of Investing in Building Inspections in Melbourne

Investments give long term rewards and benefits that you’ll enjoy. They could cost you a lot, but choosing not to invest could cost you a lot more in the long run. More Melbourne homeowners are investing in building inspections, and it’s not surprising once you realise their advantages or importance.

Purchasing a building is meant to be an investment, and to protect your investment, you’ll need inspections done. When you have inspections done, you can say you’re investing in an investment. Don’t get cheated; building inspections are so necessary because:


You can hardly tell all the things that are wrong in a building simply by looking. Judging a building’s integrity by how it looks is one way to be deceived. If a house looks like it has no defects, you should have it inspected because no house is perfect. Every building has flaws the seller isn’t proud of and would rather conceal.

Building inspections will reveal the actual state of a Melbourne building to you; it ensures transparency. You get to know all the problems a house has and decide whether you want to carry on with the purchase. 

Better decision making 

You can’t make an informed decision about the building to buy if you don’t know how the buildings are. When you’ve shortlisted the homes you want to buy, you could discover that they’re all terrible choices once inspections are done.

It may be hard to believe, but that house that doesn’t quite fit your taste could be the best choice for you. How? Fixing the minor issues it has won’t cost you as much as a defective building would. Many homes have structural issues that would cost you a lot of money to manage; problems with a home’s foundation can’t be fixed.

Only building inspections can reveal these things to you.

Estimated cost

If money isn’t an issue and you’re determined to purchase a particular building, you can get an estimate of how much it would cost you through the building report. 

This is important because it gives you a fair idea of how much it would cost you and serves as a good guide. Through the estimate, you’ll know whether a professional is overcharging you to fix one of the building’s components. 

It also helps you determine whether the home is worth the amount it costs you. Sometimes all you need to move on is hearing how expensive something is. 

Eases negotiation

After knowing all the defects of a building, you’ll be armed with enough points to negotiate a price reduction. Once you point out all the negative sides of a building, the seller would be more open to giving you a lower price.

You could show them all the things your building inspector has found wrong with the building and how much you’re ready to pay for it.

Invest in a building inspection, and you’re guaranteed to buy only the best building money can buy. Have you started looking at Melbourne homes and are ready for professional input? Contact Premium prepurchase inspections, and one of our inspectors will accompany you right away.

You can also expect your quote within 24 hours.