Things To Look Out For With Your Next Building Inspection

Building inspector

How To Approach Your Next Building Inspection

Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to be careful whether you’re buying or selling. A building inspector from Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections can save you both money and stress.

Our building inspectors operate with over 30 years of experience and have saved countless strenuous hours of work and hard-earned dollars for Victorian locals. We value our loyal clients so we thought we’d share some tips on some key things to look out for with your next building inspection.

Start Inspecting Outside

To begin your first look into the life of a building inspector, have a look outside first at both the structural foundation of the house and if there’s any external damage. Pay close attention to the roof (if you can see it) and look for cracks amongst the brick or stonework.

It’s also worth noting how the gates, fences and outbuildings are holding up and considering whether these might require repair. A building inspector might even sneakily look in the electrical box and examine the wiring to see if it’s all up to scratch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Test the House

If you’re operating as a part-time building inspector, make sure to go all out and turn on taps, open doors and windows and even check beneath the sink. Many secrets are waiting for you as a building inspector so don’t be scared and look as thoroughly as you can.

Examine the condition of floorboards and assess for damage underneath and try not to be deceived by fancy, eye-catching furniture or rugs designed to take your gaze elsewhere. You can even jump up and down a little to see if the floor is solid!

Assess the Floorplan

Bring a compass with you to see how the house is oriented, in an ideal world it would be north or east-facing to bring in the most light. As a building inspector for the day, you must assess the property for functionality.

You should look for a property with a separated living area from the bedrooms, to create a pleasant disconnect from private and community spaces. Also, you do not want the only bathroom to be an ensuite.

Have Friends or Family with You

Making sure to have another pair of eyes can help you to identify issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. However, their ears can be useful to eavesdrop on conversations buyers and sellers are having!

Friends or family can also bring you back down to earth if you find yourself fascinated with a beautiful old property and seem to be overlooking its glaring flaws.

Call the Professionals

Once you’ve had one or two looks and lived a building inspector’s life for the day, it’s time to call the professionals. You cannot risk such a hefty investment without getting the experts at Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections in for a qualified opinion.

Get a professional and trusted building inspector from the team at PPI and let us put your mind at ease by calling today!