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What A Building Inspector Can See That We Can't!

Building inspectors have in-depth knowledge of buildings and are construction experts. However, unless you work in the construction industry, you’ll only have basic knowledge of buildings. Meanwhile, a building inspector can see all the structural components, design and how secure it is. 

All you’ll see in a Melbourne building will be external defects, usually less serious than internal damage. Visible problems are easy to fix, but structural issues are often unfixable. 

You’ll need a building inspector with you so you can see the following things:

There are more things the building inspector will take note of. But these are just some of the most important:


Poor roofing system

As a regular onlooker, when you’re going through a home, it won’t even cross your mind to check the roof. So unless there’s visible damage, most people leave the roofs alone. And this is why its defects are easy to hide. There are certain things a Melbourne building inspector would look out for in a roofing system. 

They can even climb the roof to inspect it properly, something you’ll not do. But it’s important to ensure there are no leaks or damage. 

Your roof has a gutter and drainage system that are all important in water flows. If the roof in your home isn’t good, you’ll experience problems like leaks, mould etc.


Weak walls

Houses are highly dependent on their walls. They’re everywhere, and everything you’ll be doing involves walls. Weak wells are going to lead to more issues. You’ll always have outlet issues because the walls can’t hold them properly.

Your doors and windows will be shaky because their frames are too weak to hold them in. Any small impact could result in a part of the paint or walling chipping off. 

You’ll be making many repairs and spending a lot of money. Only a building inspector would know where the walls are or weak.

There are also instances where only certain home parts have weak walls. Whatever the problem is, a building inspector will sniff it out. You won't miss anything with one of the premium pre-purchase building inspectors with you.


Poor plumbing

Poor plumbing is more than infrequent water flow. It also covers poor drainage, which is just as bad because there’s no point having water in your house if it can’t leave. 

Clogged drains and toilets are among the most common plumbing problems in most homes. They’re a sign of poor drainage, which you’ll always want to avoid.

A poor plumbing system also weakens components of your home over time. You may notice that things around the home are always spoiling. Plumbing issues involve so many things you wouldn’t want to go unnoticed. 

A building inspector would see in a Melbourne home the electrical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. All these housing components and more make a house a home. Started looking at houses already? Give us a call to have one of our inspectors with you.

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