What A Building Inspector Can See That You Can’t!

“I can inspect buildings myself “is what many intending homebuyers say and think, and while it’s true, it has some buts. For example, you could inspect a Melbourne building yourself, but all you’ll see while you’re doing it are surface defects.

The defects a building has could stem from multiple problematic areas such as the:

  • Structure
  • Design
  • Roofing etc.

These areas are highly essential to the overall well-being, so they have to be in good shape. If you’re not a professional, you’ll need a building inspector on your side so they can see these things that you can’t:

Drainage and Gutter Issues

Drainage and gutter issues are major red flags in any Melbourne building. Sadly, poor drainage is a defect that’s hard to detect if you don’t know the tell-tale signs. Cracked walls are a sign of a poor gutter system because it means that water is running along the walls of the building.

To the untrained eye, cracked walls would signify that the home needs a new paint job. However, a building inspector will detect whether it’s a harmless sign or points towards a significant fault.

The only time water should touch a building is while it’s raining. So if you see water running along the sides of any home you inspect, it means there’s something wrong with the building.

Structural Issues

A building’s structure covers the foundation, interior components – doors, windows and floors- and the roof. The doors in a building should be sturdy- weak hinges or doors could either mean that the doors or walls are weak. The same thing applies to the windows; are they installed in areas necessary for proper ventilation?

When you’re inspecting a home, you’d hardly be looking at the long term uses or effects. You won’t know the window is too small or closed off until you move into the home and it’s too late. Weak floors are another significant issue because they could lead to accidents and are expensive to fix.

Leaky roofs have chased many families and businesses away from their homes and respective buildings. A faulty roof usher is a host of diseases and can make life unbearable. You can’t say you want to go up to the roof to inspect its state, but a building inspector can.

A building inspector will also identify features that are common with homes in faulty homes. Building inspectors have incredible foresight that you need on your side and can reach places you can’t.

Poor Systems

When you go through a Melbourne building, do you go to every room to check whether the plumbing works? Are you sure that every section of the home is wired correctly?

The plumbing, electrical and HVAC system makes up the home’s major systems. If any of these systems are dysfunctional, you’ll find the building unbearable. However, with a simple look or inspection, a building inspector would tell you most of the faults a building has.

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