What Can I Expect From My Building Inspection?

building inspection

What You Need To Know About A building Inspection

When purchasing a new home, it can be a confusing time. There’s so much to think about – from bank loans, real estate agents and finding a property. However, when looking for your perfect home, it is so important that you protect yourself from making a poor investment choice.

One way to do this is to invest in professional building inspection. At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, we have years of industry experience and a passion for excellence. Our building inspectors will inspect any of your potential properties before you sign anything to ensure that you are both knowledgeable and confident with your decisions moving forward.

If you’re in the property purchasing game and want to make a worthwhile investment, professional building inspection is the way to go. To get a better understanding of what you can expect from your Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections keep reading:

A Professional Building Inspector

At Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections, every member of our inspection team is a qualified building professional with extensive skill and industry knowledge, meaning that your building inspection gets completed by someone who knows what to look for exactly. You’ll find that our professional building inspection team will find hidden defects unseen by the naked eye, which has the potential to save you thousands of dollars further down the line.

Fast Inspection Turn Around

Understanding how fast-paced the Melbourne property market can be is the reason that drives us to complete and deliver you your inspection report within two working days of booking.

You also have the opportunity to accompany your inspector throughout the inspection, and ask any questions, you may have along the way. It is always an excellent way to get an expert opinion if you are still a little unsure about the property.

Detailed Reports

We provide all of our clients with detailed reports outlining both major and minor defects within the property. We also take the time to categorise the property room by room with photographic evidence to give you a good idea of what and where the issues are.

From here you will be able to assess the severity of any property defects and damages and make a well-informed purchasing decision or adjust your offer.

If you want a first-class building inspection service, look no further than the professional team at Premium Pre-Purchase Building Inspections today!