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What Does A Building Inspector Look For?

What Is Covered In A Building Inspection Report?

Purchasing a new home, no matter whether it’s your first property or your 10th is nothing short of an exciting experience. The property you’ve fallen in love with may look perfect on the surface, but underlying could be a long list of costly defects.

With Australian Consumer Law only offering buyer’s protection for purchases of up to $40,000, once you sign on the dotted line, you are solely responsible for the property as well as anything that may go wrong. In order to make sure you're making a smart investment choice, investing in a pre-purchase property inspection is the way to go.

At Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections we offer clients a thorough, first-class building inspection experience, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars further down the line. We’ve listed exactly what we’ll look out for in your property inspection below:


Minor Defects

With 30 years experience, we’ve seen it all! We bring this experience to each of our pre-purchase property inspections.

Our team looks not only for major defects but also minor defects present in a property. These may be considered as superficial issues including; peeling paintwork or fading window and door frames. They could also be considered as an area of the home that may require more work in the future if left unattended. The latter is the type of minor defect that we observe closely, mainly due to how costly it may be for our clients if left unnoticed.

For example, moisture builds up in a bathroom caused by a leaking tap. While this is initially nothing to be too concerned about, if left unattended the leak will only get worse and lead to further headaches.

One of these headaches could be termites! Most timber is a feasting ground for these unsightly critters. If your property were to become a termite’s playground, the repair approach could prove to be difficult and costly!

A simple pre-purchase property inspection can save you a much unwanted and unnecessary headache.


Major Defects

Major defects are usually the result of a once much smaller issue that has been left unattended. In some cases, these major defects can result in a home that is structurally unsound, seriously compromising the property and often leaving the property uninhabitable. Here’s where a pre-purchase building inspection can help!

As part of our pre-purchase building inspection service, one of the first areas we look at for indications of structural damage is the roofline. This can be due to dilapidation or inadequate repair work.

A roof that is structurally compromised or at risk of collapse is a serious defect. When it comes to defects such as these, it is important for you the understand the financial burden that comes with such damages. More importantly, major defects could have a large impact on the sale price, these major problems will give you bargaining power should you choose to move forward with the sale.


Book A Professional Today!

If you’re in the market to purchase a property, ensure that you are making a smart investment decision by investing in pre-purchase building inspection. The Premium Pre-Purchase Inspections team have over 30 years’ experience in the industry and are committed to providing our clients a thorough and extensive property inspection. Give the team a call today to organise your free quote!

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