What Power Do Building Inspectors in Melbourne Have?

Buying a Melbourne property is a big investment. To make sure you are making the right decision, you need to make sure the Melbourne house is worth its price.

That is why many homebuyers hire an independent building inspector to examine the house before they purchase it. Even brand-new Melbourne homes need a building inspector. It is because they can have structural issues that can be invisible to you.

Here is more about the authorities and power of a Melbourne building inspector:

How Can a Building Inspector Empower You?

With a licenced building inspector, you will have the power to examine the Melbourne house you want to buy inside out. If the seller has nothing to hide, they will agree to let the building inspector do their job with no restrictions. Any found defects will help you negotiate a better price.

If you have already bought the Melbourne property, an independent building inspector can still help. If there is a dispute between you and the builder, you can ask for a building inspector to act as a third party.

They will examine the Melbourne property and provide you with an official report. You can use it to persuade the builder.

If you need to take this to court, you can use the building inspector report as evidence of your claims. The building inspector report includes all the relevant building codes and defects. In addition, it will show all parties the extent of the damages and who is responsible for them.

Why Hire a Building Inspector?

Many building issues and problems can seem invisible to you. However, it takes a professional Melbourne building inspector to catch them. A building inspector is skilled and has the required knowledge. They know what to look for exactly in a Melbourne property.

With a building inspector, you will be able to find out the actual condition of the Melbourne house you want to buy. It will give you serious purchasing power. As a result, you will be able to negotiate a better price. A qualified Melbourne building inspector will also give you some advice on the required repairs.

What To Look For in a Melbourne Building Inspector?

Some Melbourne real estate agents can offer you the help of a building inspector free of charge. Do not take it. You cannot guarantee this building inspector will not be biased. To get accurate, fair results, you need to hire an independent building inspector.

Also, try to make sure the building inspector is a registered builder to guarantee they have the required skills to carry the job effectively.

At PPI, we have more than thirty years of experience. In addition, as a registered builder, we have the expertise you need for any Melbourne building inspection.

We check any property inside out. To get accurate results, we invest in the best equipment. From infrared cameras to moisture meters, nothing is left unchecked.

Hire the best building inspector in Melbourne for your peace of mind. Contact us today!