Why get a building inspection?

The property you’re looking to buy could look fine on the surface, but have a long list of defects and issues that you can’t see. Defects and issues that could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

So it makes sense to get a house inspection and building report before you buy.

Purchasing a home or investment property is one of the biggest purchases you ever make. So when you’re looking to buy a property, you want to make sure that it is a good investment and won’t turn out to be a money pit. And, that is why it is smart to get a building inspection and a pest inspection done by a reputable building inspector.

When you get a building inspection, you:


Know what you’re buying before you buy

While the property that you’re looking at could look fine on the surface, it could have a long list of defects, structural issues or pests that you can’t see. And these building and pest issues could cost you big bucks to fix. If you get a house inspection done first, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying, before you even put in an offer or make a bid. And when you’re armed with this information, you can make a sound decision about whether or not it is a good buy or a bad buy. And, if there are issues, you can use the report to help you negotiate a lower purchase price.

A good building or home inspection and report will tell you:

  • if there are any major defects or structural problems.
  • if there has been dodgy building work or issues covered up.
  • if there are leaks or waterproofing issues.
  • if there are any signs of termites, mould or fungus’.
  • what the minor defects are and what your ongoing maintenance costs will be.
  • what it will cost you to get the property up to scratch.

Can negotiate a lower price

They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to buying property is definitely is. If the property you are looking to buy does have issues, a home inspection and building report will tell you exactly what the issues are. Many purchasers then use the building report they have gotten to negotiate a lower purchase price with the seller. Because a good house inspection and building report will tell you what each issue or defect is likely to cost to fix, you are in a strong position to negotiate a lower purchase price based on these costs.


Get the opinion of an expert

When you have a home inspection and building report done, you get the opportunity to talk directly with the building inspector and have your questions about the property answered by someone who knows what they are talking about. They should also be able to connect you with other experts who can help you work through any issues the building has. This could be a plumber or electrician, builder, structural engineer, property surveyor, landscaper, or anyone else you need help from.


It’s a smart investment that could save you time and stress

While a pre-purchase home inspection will cost you a little bit of money, in the scheme of things it is nothing compared to the amount of money it could save you in the long run. Getting a pre-purchase house inspection can also save you the time and stress that comes along with buying a house that has a host of hidden defects, shoddy work, structural issues or pests.


Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne

As a registered Master Builder and Pest Inspector, with more than 30 years real building experience, Premium Pre-purchase Inspections Melbourne, are a great choice for your pre-purchase home inspection.

Our extensive industry experience means we’ve seen it all before – the dodgy cover-ups, shoddy work and of course the structural issues and problems that develop overtime. So you can be confident that we will pick up any issues with the property you’re looking at. And, unlike many other building inspectors and pre-purchase house inspection companies, we go below the surface to thoroughly check everything. We get under the floor, we get up in the roof, we use infrared cameras and moisture meters, and thoroughly inspect every aspect of a building. So you know exactly what the issues and problems are and what it will cost to fix them.

Our house inspections and Building Report’s are designed to make it easy for you to understand what’s going on with the property and include clear photos and assessments on the properties:

  • roof – exterior and interior
  • building – exterior and interior
  • sub-floor structure
  • decks and verandas
  • fences
  • flooring
  • stairs
  • windows
  • carport and garage
  • plumbing
  • structural soundness.

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