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Why Select PPI for Your Next Building Inspection Service

In Melbourne, it is essential that when moving into a home where you are not its first occupant or when moving your business to an existing building in a new location, do not rush to move in. Instead, hire the services of a Melbourne building inspector for a complete building inspection. 

It is to ensure your house is conducive and safe to live in and that every aspect of the building, which includes the block construction work, the electrical work, the plumbing, the roofing, and the painting, is built to the building code and standard of that community and are also safe to live or work in. It is essential because it saves you from penalty fines, future expenses, and the risk of future injuries. 

Now, the issue is not finding a Melbourne building inspector. Instead, it involves finding the perfect professional Melbourne building inspector from the many building inspectors available. Well, some essential qualities that will help you in your search for a professional Melbourne building inspector are:


License and insurance

A building inspector in Melbourne should be licenced if they want to demonstrate that they are qualified for the job and have been recognised by the city government as having completed the necessary training. These also assure you that they are aware of the building code of the state that your building is in and will ensure that you follow building codes. Insurance is also crucial, as it protects you from unplanned costs if the building inspector’s job is faulty or the building inspector gets injured while inspecting your new home.


Detailed approach to work

A professional Melbourne building inspector is always careful when examining your building for faults that might seem unnoticeable. Always hire a building inspector who takes at least one hour to examine your Melbourne building.


Vast connections for building inspection

A building inspector cannot understand every aspect of a building in detail because, for proper building inspection, understanding or having an idea of each examination area is needed. Hence, knowing they can only know some things, a professional Melbourne building inspector has contacts with professionals in each aspect, from a professional plumber to a skilled carpenter and more, for a proper and detailed building inspection.


Possession of the appropriate equipment

Some vital tools a building inspector needs include digital cameras, thermal sensors, fuel and heat analysers, and others. These tools are as necessary as knowledge of building inspection, enabling him to inspect vital areas.



A building inspection is risky, but finding a professional Melbourne building inspector assures safety, quality jobs, and cost-effectiveness. Thankfully, PPI has clicked all the boxes listed above. So, if you are still looking for a professional Melbourne building inspector, click here to start your building inspections with one of the best Melbourne offers.

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